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HAIRALICIOUS addresses top concerns about glueless human hair wigs in the new Wig Education Program

HAIRALICIOUS, a wig-making expert with 10 years of experience, addresses common concerns about glueless wigs in their new Wig Academy Program.

Natural hair wigs are an excellent choice for newcomers and experienced wearers alike, providing comfort, style versatility, and ease of care.”

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, May 23, 2024 / -- Glueless human hair wigs often come with a number of misconceptions, such as being uncomfortable, hard to maintain, not versatile, and overpriced. These myths can overshadow the real benefits these wigs offer, particularly for individuals experiencing hair loss or those looking to explore new styles. HAIRALICIOUS, a company with over 10 years of experience in the production of human hair wigs, aims to clear up these misconceptions. Their team of wig-making experts has compiled essential insights in their new Wig Education Program.

One common concern addressed in the Wig Education Program is the comfort of glueless human hair wigs for daily wear. Experts explain that while human hair wigs are slightly heavier than synthetic options, they offer a comfortable experience akin to wearing a hat or cap. The breathability of human hair makes it a suitable choice even in summer, and most individuals find wearing these wigs all day to be a breeze. The cap is a significant part of the wig affecting comfort. According to HAIRALICIOUS, glueless human hair wigs feature caps that stay in place without any adhesives. The cap includes an elastic band and additional combs or clips that secure the wig to existing natural hair or ensure a good grip on the scalp, resisting factors such as sebum, perspiration, or humidity that could cause traditional glued wigs to come loose.

Can you style your wig as easily as you could style your own hair? Addressing the misconception of limited styling options, HAIRALICIOUS highlights that glueless human hair wigs can mimic almost any hairstyle, including curls, braids, or ponytails. The key is to treat and protect the wig hair as one would with natural hair, using heat styling tools and heat sprays appropriately.
"Interestingly, natural hair wigs are made from different hair types with unique characteristics. For example, Brazilian hair is more wavy, meaning that light waves can be achieved by simply scrunching the hair while it’s still wet. On the other hand, European hair tends to be straighter, so you can achieve the look of smooth, straight hair without much effort," - says the expert from HAIRALICIOUS' wig-making team.

HAIRALICIOUS Wig Education Program emphasizes that maintaining a natural hair wig is essential to ensure longevity and return on investment. It will take some care to ensure that the solid investment in this purchase pays off in longevity. The good news is that the care of a natural wig is not too different from that of a natural hair. Experts advise proper washing with shampoo and moisturizing with conditioner, avoiding conditioner application to the base to prevent shedding. To further ensure longevity, wigs should be combed responsibly (starting from the bottom and working upwards), stored properly (preferably on a mannequin's head), and the right products should be chosen (such as SLS-free shampoo).

What factors contribute to the cost of glueless human hair wigs? The cost of glueless human hair wigs is influenced by several factors, primarily the quality of the hair. HAIRALICIOUS explains that unprocessed and undyed virgin hair is prized for its durability and natural look, making it more expensive.

The construction of the wig also impacts the price. Single knots, which take more time to attach to the wig cap, cost more due to the manual work required. Double knots, attaching multiple strands of hair, are less costly but more visible. The choice of lace is another factor; finer, more transparent lace is desirable for realism but more expensive. The labor-intensive process of hand-tying the hair and using high-quality materials for coloring also contributes to the overall cost.

The choice of lace is another cost factor. Finer, more transparent lace is desirable for realism but more expensive. The labor-intensive process of hand-tying the hair and using high-quality materials for coloring also adds to the overall cost. While human hair wigs are higher-priced, it translates into a more natural look and extended durability in comparison with synthetic wigs.

After being asked why glueless human hair wigs are worth it, HAIRALICIOUS asssures: "Glueless human hair wigs are an excellent choice for newcomers and experienced wearers alike, offering comfort, style versatility, and ease of care. Durable and designed for a natural look, they provide great value and simplicity for your investment." One of the most frequent feedbacks HAIRALICIOUS receives from clients is that they wish they hadn’t hesitated to take a leap and try their first human hair wig earlier. So maybe it is finally time to make glueless human hair wigs a staple in your look?

HAIRALICIOUS invites those interested in unlocking their wig's potential to its fullest and deepening their understanding of glueless human hair wigs to explore the FREE Wig Academy program. Developed from over a decade of experience and insights from over 4,000 clients worldwide, this program addresses common concerns and questions.

Covering topics such as wig application, maintenance, styling, and problem-solving, the Wig Academy Program provides comprehensive knowledge to enhance understanding and improve skills with wigs.

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