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A Celebration of Innovation at the Sunseeker Product Experience Event

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Elevating the Sunseeker Lawn Banquet with Innovation and Inspiration

CHARLOTTE, N.C., US, April 19, 2024 / -- Sunseeker, a leader in lawn care technology, recently held a successful Lawn Banquet Experience Event in North Carolina on April 16th. The event featured the unveiling of their new innovation, the Sunseeker Orion X7 wire-free robotic mower. Attendees got to see the impressive features of the Orion X7 in action.

Kicking off the event proceedings was a captivating opening address by Justin Novosel, the executive vice president and general manager of North American operations. “We’re launching the product today, it’s in stock and we’re ready to get the product in the hands of as many dealers and distributors as possible,” Justin Novosel told media.

Guests were inspired by the advanced technology in the display, including the exceptional AONaviTM Positioning and Navigation System and the Vision AI System that showcased Orion X7's remarkable ability to effortlessly navigate around obstacles with its binocular camera and advanced algorithms. The outstanding performance of the Orion X7 on rugged terrains was also highlighted, with its ability to tackle steep slopes of up to 35°, courtesy of its All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system and durable, oversized tires.

User reviews of Sunseeker's products and the versatility of its Sunseeker App provided valuable insights into the practical benefits of the Orion X7, highlighting its ease of use and exceptional performance in maintaining pristine lawns. The interactive Q&A session was filled with engagement, allowing guests to interact directly with Sunseeker representatives, addressing queries and gaining deeper insights into the technology behind the Orion X7. The subsequent interviews provided in-depth conversations, fostering a deeper understanding of Sunseeker's vision and innovative advancements. Amidst the lively social gathering, attendees mingled freely, exchanging ideas and experiences in a festive ambiance, creating a vibrant and enriching experience for all.

"Experiencing the Orion X7 firsthand was eye-opening. It's impressive to witness the introduction of a groundbreaking product in this industry, and I can envision it transforming the way we approach lawn care." One attendee remarked onsite. Her sentiment resonated with many, encapsulating the excitement and anticipation surrounding Sunseeker's innovation, "I eagerly anticipate the future innovations that Sunseeker will bring forth to the market."

Sunseeker's commitment to revolutionizing lawn care technology was evident throughout the event, The success of the Lawn Banquet Experience Event reaffirmed Sunseeker's dedication to delivering innovative solutions that empower users to achieve exceptional results effortlessly.

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