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Travel agency TokudAw partners with Tokumasa to gain full control of vehicle fleet to offer more comfort and convenience

Licensed Japanese tour agency TokudAw is now in control of its own vehicle fleet, enabling it to maintain its high quality service with greater flexibility.

TOKYO, JAPAN, April 16, 2024 / -- Licensed Japanese travel agency TokudAw Inc. has formed a new partnership with Tokumasa Inc, a provider of vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions. The partnership gives TokudAw access to a three vehicle fleet initially which is expected to increase in January 2025.

With the addition of Tokumasa as a partner, TokudAw is now in control of its own fleet, enabling it to maintain its high quality service with even greater flexibility to deliver the highest degree of customer satisfaction.

Managing its own fleet means that as well as having access to vehicles, it is able to oversee the training of each driver to ensure they meet the standards TokudAw expects, and can deliver service in line with the company’s mission.

Maximum comfort and a smooth ride
Tokumasa's Toyota HiAce vehicles are brand new and equipped with state of the art technology. This ranges from navigation systems to help drivers navigate rural and mountain roads safely, to premium shock absorbers that ensure the smoothest, quietest and most comfortable passenger experience even on more uneven road surfaces.

Expanding our transport solutions
This partnership follows the launch of TokudAw's own bus department in April 2023, meaning its clients now have even more choice when it comes to planning their journey. Buses undergo stringent checks in Japan with maintenance checks every three months, while drivers undergo professional training and are required to pass national examinations to ensure the highest safety standards are met.

"One of the motivations behind creating TokudAw was to provide a private space for our guests to enjoy their time while travelling around Japan. Travelling by private vehicle provides our guests with this degree of privacy and comfort, in addition to flexibility and convenience, and allows them to really get the most out of their experience in Japan. I am excited to be able to gain control of our own fleet, train our staff and allow our TokudAw guests to have the best and most comfortable experience available.

This new partnership with Tokumasa will enable us to deliver an even higher quality service to our guests, and allow us to increase the level of comfort, flexibility and convenience we can offer our guests. We are also looking forward to providing our services for multi-generation travellers as a family or seniors with motility issues." – Wanping Aw, Managing Director and Co-Founder, TokudAw.

"One of TokudAw’s missions is to facilitate harmonious relationships between cultures. Tokumasa is a Japanese company with Taiwanese management, and brings with it considerable opportunities for the cultivation of a larger international client base, and a deeper understanding of how to surpass the needs of our diverse guests, non-Japanese and Japanese alike." – Kazuhisa Tokuda, Chairman, TokudAw.

"We hope the inbound guests will enjoy our new comfortable vehicles. With the increasing silver travel economy and the increase in multi-generation holidays, travelling using private cars with TokudAw offers a convenient solution. It makes me happy to see guests from all over the world creating beautiful memories in the vehicles we have provided." – Chang Te-Cheng, Managing Director, Tokumasa Inc.

TokudAw Inc.
TokudAw is a comprehensive destination management and consulting business that facilitates travel, event planning, and market entry in Japan for overseas corporations; consulting for students wishing to study in Japan; and premium bespoke tours for private leisure travel.

Our mission is to facilitate mutual understanding between non-Japanese and Japanese individuals and corporations, to foster harmonious relationships that transcend cultural differences, and contribute to a collaborative and inclusive global environment.

Tokumasa Inc.
Tokumasa Inc is provider of vehicle leasing and fleet management solutions, and specialises in customised leasing packages for businesses of all sizes. Tokumasa is committed to providing new, well-maintained vehicles equipped with state of the art technology, and a focus on comfort.


Wanping Aw

Te-Cheng Chang

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