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Baum’s Power Analysis Suite is Adopted for ASICLAND SoC Design Flow

PowerBaum is now offered through ASICLAND's solution SoC model, in which ASICLAND is involved in customers' product development process early on.

Power analysis from the early design stage is very important for our Solution SoC flow. Fast and comprehensive power analysis will help identify components essential for ultimate power optimization.”
— ASICLAND CEO Jong min Lee
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 19, 2022 / -- Baum, electronic design automation (EDA) company, announced today that its flagship product, PowerBaum, is adopted for ASICLAND SoC design flow. ASICLAND is a company that provides design services as its main business; with PowerBaum in its SOC design support flow, the company now provides power analysis services to customers in the early stages of design. Such analysis includes peak power as well as average power consumption, which are important for customers' IP and SoC design from the initial design down to sign-off stage. ASICLAND's low power offering will help customers continuously lower their power consumption and aim for high efficiency.

ASICLAND aims for tight collaboration with customers when their designs are in the pipeline while continuous research in each sector of SoC, front-end, DFT, back-end, package, and test is pursued to push the limit of SoC quality. ASICLAND CEO Jong-min Lee says “ASICLAND has pioneered its unique “Solution SoC” business model, in which the company is involved in the customers’ product development process from an early stage. We help companies achieve differentiation according to their specific needs. ASICLAND collaborates closely with partners worldwide and delivers complete solutions from system design to production and quality control."

“The Baum power model enables fast and accurate transient power analysis for long-term use scenarios, which is not practically possible with other power simulation solutions,” said Mr. Lee. “Supporting the power analysis service from the early design stage is very important for our solution SoC model. Fast and comprehensive power analysis will point out the components to which both ASICLAND and our customers should pay attention for ultimate power optimization."

Baum Co-CEO Youngsoo Shin said, “This is an important milestone for Baum since ASICLAND is the first design service company to adopt our solution. Baum can now be offered in the standard design flow, which ASICLAND customers can access for power analysis and optimization of their products." He also said that “Ensuring extremely high speed and implementation accuracy with PowerBaum can be combined into the design flow for an ideal power analysis solution throughout ASICLAND's entire development phase."

"To support ASICLAND's customers with diverse, large, and complex chip designs, Baum's new technology provides OCGR (Operating Clock Gating Report) results, which can be used to analyze the power efficiency of design in the early stages. The Baum power model also works with the emulator to accurately analyze power consumption, taking into account glitches in the emulator-generated FSDB files,” said co-CEO Junhwan Yi.

The Latest Version of PowerBaum

PowerBaum automatically generates high-level power models from design sources and applies advanced learning techniques of gate-level behavior to achieve very high accuracy. Baum power models run in higher abstraction environments, such as RTL simulation, ESL (virtual prototypes), and hardware emulation to achieve orders of magnitude performance improvement compared to competing solutions in the market. Baum’s automated power analysis and power modeling solutions support both dynamic and leakage power, taking in register transfer level (RTL) and netlist descriptions of the design.
PowerBaum 2022.09 is shipping today and available globally. Pricing is available upon request.

About Baum

Baum provides extremely fast yet accurate power analysis solutions through power modeling technology. Founded in 2016 by seasoned semiconductor professionals with technical, R&D, and business development expertise, Baum is privately held and funded.


ASICLAND, the only TSMC VCA(Value Chain Aggregator) in Korea among the 8 VCAs around the world, provides design services and turn-key solutions for mass production to fabless companies, targeting SoCs of high complexity, smaller area, and lower power. Close collaboration with customers and continuous R&D efforts to provide competitive edges in all areas including front-end, DFT, back-end, packaging, and testing are pursued by ASICLAND.

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