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Blockchain Company introduces, a Prompting-as-a-Service utility platform



Professionals and students can monetize knowledge & expertise. 4IRGPT's credit system provides opportunities to earn revenue in a prompt creator marketplace

Ironically, it turns out every human can potentially make more money through prompting as a service, by leveraging knowledge and domain expertise in anything. Tell your network... follow my prompt”
— Robert Haastrup-Timmi
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 9, 2024 / -- The 4IRGPT platform is not just another API-driven large language model; it is a catalyst for peer-to-peer prompt creator value exchange and learning. It serves as a hub for problem-solving and discovery across all industries, facilitates talent recruitment, and plays a crucial role in driving professional upskilling and progression in the Generative AI-empowered world.

As a novel Prompting-as-a-Service utility, 4IRGPT is an interactive platform for professionals across all sectors. Here, domain experts and students can research, share, consult, learn, and cross-sell their interactive prompts to clients, corporates, and end-users. The platform aims to help transform how professionals can earn meaningful incomes, considering the threat of AI replacing jobs.

By becoming consultants in any area of expertise, users can leverage their knowledge to provide tailored prompting services. This not only enhances prompt creator income potential but also offers significant cost savings to business end-users who may lack specific domain knowledge or critical prompting expertise.

Educators, thought leaders, and influencers can allow their networks to "follow my prompts" on 4IRGPT and charge monthly subscription fees set by themselves for access. The platform operates on 4IR Credits, a token that has undergone EU regulatory due diligence. Users can sign up to offer or seek domain expertise, subscribe to and follow experts of their choice, with transactions facilitated through seamless integration with PayPal.

Every interaction, whether providing or consuming prompts, is quantified in 4IR Credits, fostering a balanced medium of intelligence and knowledge exchange. Furthermore, the platform incentivizes engagement by offering 4IR Credit bonuses and rewards, vested over a four-year period, and allowing for the withdrawal of earned credits to digital ERC-20 wallets.

As the world is impacted by 4th Industrial technologies, generative AI is likely to enhance productivity across all sectors. Professionals and students regardless of their field, can harness the paradigm shift that artificial intelligence presents, by turning it into a new mechanism for income potential and professional growth.

With large language model features powered by OpenAI's APIs and plans for continual enhancement and expansion, 4IRGPT aims to become a gateway to the future of work, innovation, decentralized earnings, talent, and expert discovery. This way, generative AI leads to considerable decentralized job creation, where humans can potentially unlock what they know as a means of value exchange, and earn meaningful incomes based on knowledge, instead of relying on a future-based Universal Basic Income.

End users and prompt creator experts can sign up for free to exchange knowledge and their domain expertise. Perhaps can also help discover the next Einstein through shared prompt engineering. There are so many problems to help solve with 4th Industrial Technologies today.

Bernadine Louis
BlockchainCompany Ltd
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