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Orange County CBD Skyrockets with 400% Growth, ASDA Euro Garages Deal, and FSA 5-Star Rating Amidst Industry Challenges

Orange County CBD's Award-Winning Gummies and Oils

Orange County CBD's Award-Winning Gummies and Oils

Orange County CBD sees 400% growth, partners with ASDA Euro Garages for UK-wide distribution, gains FSA's 5-Star rating, and combats CBD stigma.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 27, 2023 / -- Orange County CBD, a trailblazer in the UK's burgeoning CBD industry, has recently announced a series of remarkable achievements that underscore its position as an industry leader. In the past year alone, the brand has experienced an extraordinary 400% growth in its customer base, a testament to its high-quality products and innovative marketing strategies. This impressive expansion is further bolstered by strategic retail partnerships and endorsements from high-profile celebrities, enhancing the brand's visibility and credibility.

A pivotal moment in Orange County CBD's journey is its distribution agreement with Euro Garages. This significant deal ensures the availability of Orange County CBD's popular gummy grab bags in all 400 Euro Garages locations across the UK, including their Asda and Spar convenience stores. Aaron, the co-founder, regards this partnership as a monumental step towards broadening the brand's reach and ensuring their products are widely accessible to a diverse customer base.

In addition to expanding its distribution network, Orange County CBD has played a crucial role in normalising and de-stigmatising the use of CBD. The brand's products are now available both online and in physical stores at prestigious retailers such as Selfridges and Well Pharmacy. Sean, the co-founder who personally benefits from CBD for chronic pain syndrome, is passionate about altering public perception and promoting the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Orange County CBD's digital presence, particularly on TikTok, has seen remarkable growth, making it one of the fastest-growing accounts in the UK. This surge in popularity led to an invitation to feature on TikTok's UK Live program at their London headquarters. Despite the challenges faced by the CBD industry, including unethical practices by some companies and subsequent tightening of guidelines by platforms like TikTok Shop UK, Orange County CBD remains committed to its mission of providing quality products and educating the public about the benefits of CBD.

Another notable achievement for Orange County CBD is receiving the industry's gold-standard FSA's 5-star Food Hygiene rating, a distinction few CBD companies in the UK can claim. This rating is particularly significant considering the majority of CBD brands in the UK are white-labelled, lacking the authenticity and quality assurance that Orange County CBD provides. This accolade is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, safety, and transparency, setting it apart in a competitive market.

The brand's journey began with a transformative experience in 2019 when Sean was introduced to CBD oil during a road trip to California with Aaron. Convinced of CBD's potential benefits, they were inspired to introduce this life-changing product to the UK market.

In summary, Orange County CBD's remarkable growth, strategic partnerships, and commitment to quality and education have solidified its position as a leader in the UK's CBD industry. The brand's journey from a transformative road trip to achieving the esteemed FSA 5-star rating exemplifies its dedication to bringing the best of CBD to the UK market.

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