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Artist who appeared on BBC Doctors wins 2023 Global Recognition Award

Patricia Wagner | Photographer: Nic Donovan

Patricia Wagner | Photographer: Nic Donovan

Patricia Wagner | Photographer: Nic Donovan

Meet Patricia Wagner, The Star & Success Icon Who Cannot Be Stopped

NORWICH, NORFOLK, UNITED KINGDOM , July 7, 2023/ -- On the 12th of June 2023, Global Recognition Awards™ named C-Success Academy by Patricia Wagner the winner of a prestigious 2023 Global Recognition Award. The award recognizes the academy as a phenomenal platform that has made a significant impact in the lives of many elites, helping them unlock their authentic selves and develop a unique personal brand identity. Patricia Wagner, founder of C-Success Academy, is an esteemed artist and success coach who empowers her clients through her exclusive online courses and personalized coaching by helping them identify their strengths, values, and passions and use them to create a powerful personal brand that sets them apart from everyone else.

Her story serves as a reminder that nobody's broken past has to be their future. Adopted at the age of ten, Patricia was separated from her parents and moved to France, where she was forbidden from telling anyone about her real parents. It was
a tough reality for a child. What followed was a chapter filled with sexual abuse, drug and alcohol consumption, and domestic abuse. Despite the traumatic experiences of her younger years, Patricia doesn’t allow her past to define her and has moved to a brilliant present and future through her hard work and determination.

Patricia chose to turn her life’s path around and become the highly successful woman she is today; reminding us all that nobody’s broken yesterday needs to determine their tomorrow.

Now a mum-of-three, Patricia has carved out a remarkable acting and modeling career having worked on household name productions including BBC Doctors, Midsomer Murder, Ted Lasso, the movie 5 lbs of Pressure (featuring Luke Evans), Netflix’s Catching Killers and Detectorists 2022. Creating her own first TV show in 2018 earnt her title of Producer and she is currently working on producing her first feature film.

As if this wasn’t enough, Patricia also nurtures her creativity through her love for music; having released her second single Good Samaritan in December 2021, with her third, Forgive, due in 2023. The ultimate goal is for her music to be used in films – so of course this is an aim she’s currently working hard to achieve!

Upon receiving news of her win, Patricia expressed her gratitude, stating, "I was at my friend's house when I received the email. Tears filled my eyes and I couldn't contain my joy. I jumped up from the sofa in excitement, screaming. I am deeply honored and humbled to be recognized by Global Recognition Awards™. This award is a testament to the outstanding impact C-Success Academy is making in the lives of others. A huge thank you to Zak at Baden Bower who recommended that I apply for this award as he sees I have something unique, I am blown away by his support and encouragement. This is one of my biggest achievements in 2023."

"My parents and four brothers also celebrated this achievement. My father wrote in our WhatsApp family group that he hopes this recognition will motivate me to perform more and more. My mother was very happy and said that this award has propelled me to a very high position, and here I am known and famous now. I am grateful for my family's belief in me."

Global Recognition Awards™ stated: “The Global Recognition Awards is honored to present a 2023 Global Recognition Award to C-Success Academy by Patricia Wagner in acknowledgment of their outstanding achievements and life-changing dedication to helping others embrace their uniqueness and reach their fullest potential. Congratulations to Patricia Wagner and her entire team at C-Success Academy for their incredible work and impact on the lives of many."

“Despite facing numerous challenges and traumas in her personal life, Patricia's inspiring journey of overcoming hardships and finding success as an artist, producer, and single mother demonstrates her exceptional strength and resilience.”

The prestigious Global Recognition Awards™ is the world’s leading business awards program, celebrating the finest achievements in entrepreneurship, innovation, and corporate responsibility. Only the world’s leading win. With a rigorous evaluation process and an esteemed panel of international judges, they ensure that the accolades they bestow reflect the pinnacle of success, inspiring businesses worldwide to aspire for greatness and excel in their respective fields.

About C-Success Academy: With a commitment to authenticity, Patricia Wagner's Elite Personal Branding Service™ & The Become Your Most Purposeful Self Course™ provide a comprehensive framework to develop a standout brand identity, create a compelling marketing strategy and connect with target audiences effectively. Patricia Wagner is a Brainz 500 Global Honoree 2021 and she has received a nomination for the 2023 Business Elite's Awards 40 Under 40.

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