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Invader Coffee's Mexican Chocolate Is Now Available In K-Cups

Invader Coffee

Invader Coffee

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 24, 2023/ -- Invader Coffee now brings the "Mexican Chocolate 12 ct. K-Cup'' coffee for coffee lovers looking to enhance their experience with a fresh, delicious, and smooth taste cup of coffee.

Invader Coffee, a Texas-based veteran-own coffee brand offering high-quality, air-roasted, coffee blends, now introduces the Mexican Chocolate 12 ct. K-Cup. It is an excellent option for coffee lovers looking for fresh and delicious coffee without having to go to a coffee shop or buy expensive coffee-making equipment. Those looking for the best Mexican coffee brands can check out this highly recommended product from Invader Coffee.

The Invader Coffee's Mexican Chocolate comes in a delicious, chocolate flavor with hints of cinnamon and vanilla, very similar to the original Mexican coffee. There is no alcohol or sugar in it. The company now brings the Mexican Chocolate 12 ct. K-Cup for those looking for fresh and the right amount of coffee.

Invader Coffee's K-Cups are different because they feature a “sphere-shaped” grind in all of its coffee K-Cups as opposed to the traditional “jagged grind” that other coffee brands use in their K-Cups. The sphere shape enables the water to pass through the K-Cup more effortlessly, resulting in a bolder cup of coffee with 20-25% more caffeine per serving. Invader Coffee K-Cups are an excellent caffeine boost to a morning cup of coffee!

"If you are looking for the best K-Cup coffee, consider trying this product. We assure you a taste you will never forget. Our K-cups come with fresh coffee, but feel free to explore our website to learn more about it and other blends we offer," the company's rep stated.

"Also note that there is no alcohol and sugar in our Mexican Chocolate Coffee blend, just pure, delicious Mexican chocolate taste that would make abuelita proud," the rep added.

Customers have also expressed their satisfaction in choosing Invader's Mexican Chocolate 12 ct. K-Cup. One consumer, Devoran P said, "Mexican Chocolate is so rich with flavor, just right, smooth but very satisfying, and will for sure purchase again."

Other blends of coffee available in K-Cups include the Invader Original 12 ct. K-Cups and the Whiskey 12 ct. K-Cups.

What makes this coffee brand stand out the most is its ability to offer the highest quality products and services to customers. Its coffee beans undergo an extremely thorough quality control process, prioritizing quality over quantity. Beans with irregularities such as mold and insect bites are removed before roasting. Invader Coffee also promises 100% Fair Trade and 100% Air Roasted.

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Invader Coffee is a Texas-based veteran-owned coffee brand offering delicious air-roasted, organic coffee blends. Those looking for a chocolate coffee pod can also check out this service.

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