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Beverly Hills Nose Job Superspecialist Explains Why Nose Jobs Go Wrong

There’s a Permanent Non-surgical Alternative to Endless Repeat Operations

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2021 / -- Dr. Robert Kotler, Beverly Hills nose job uber-specialist on failed rhinoplasties: “I’m sympathetic to disappointed patients. They report one or even three or four unsuccessful surgeries. They have expended time and hard-earned money. Plus, they worry: ‘Will this ever end?’”

A former Major, Medical Corps US Army, Kotler has seen his share of others’ nose work. His concern is substantiated by statistics. “The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery stated several years ago that 20% of rhinoplasties are considered unsuccessful. This is an unhappy statistic. A failure rate that would be unacceptable in other surgery specialties, such as neurosurgery or urology,” notes Kotler.

Here’s Kotler’s short list of the HOW and WHY there are so many poor rhinoplasty outcomes.

● The surgeon does not major in rhinoplasty. Not specialized enough.

Rhinoplasty is the most complex cosmetic surgery. Profciency requires superb training, long experience and narrow specialization. Not all have that. With dozens facial and body cosmetic procedures, no surgeon is tops in every one. Remember, “Jack of all trades, master of none.” In super-specialized rhinoplasty practices, surgical revisions are less common.

● Unhappy patients are not offered non-surgical alternatives to yet another “revision surgery.”

The ‘Rescue Rhinoplasty’ isn’t necessarily yet another surgery. It’s non-surgical. And permanent. Precise, not painful, quick, and in-offce with no signs of having been done. Procedures use cortisone injections to shrink certain “plump” areas and/or medical grade, FDA-approved liquid silicone to fll the dips, divots, depressions, asymmetries. Often a better bet than another surgery.

● Unhappy patients need to do more homework “this time.”

Surgeons presiding over an unsatisfactory outcome rarely offer the permanent, non-surgical cure. Some offer more surgery, often more complex and thus less predictable. Or they propose temporary fllers, but that’s an expensive life sentence. When those are offered, keep doing research.

From Dr. Kotler’s popular book, Secrets of a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Surgeon, The Expert’s Guide to Safe, Successful Surgery, one big tip: Hire a superspecialist surgeon with long experience and a short menu. A boutique practice, not a department store. That single pointer will put you on the right side of the odds for success. Because you want to “Do it once, do it right.”

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