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TNW Conference 2018: Technology Festival in Amsterdam

Date: 24-May-18 to 25-May-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
CNBC called it the world's most intimate technology festival on the planet. The BBC called it a production fit for tech superstars. Superlatives aside, we just think it's the best environment to do business and explore the latest trends in technology. TNW Conference brings together mind-blowing keynote stage production, 8,000m2 of technology exhibitors, and a food truck and festival feel for some seriously laid back networking. When tech leaders descended on Amsterdam to share ideas and business cards in a setting that felt more like a Coachella for co-founders and coders than a conference, we knew that something special had just begun. On the 24th and 25th of May 2018, 15,000 entrepreneurs, developers, marketing managers, CEOs and policymakers will visit Europe's leading tech ...

Palo Alto Networks: Partner Story Tell Training Days

Date: 24-May-18 to 25-May-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Palo Alto Networks is flink in beweging. Het aanbod van oplossingen groeit en past steeds beter op de security behoeften van de klant. De geïntegreerde totaalaanpak in de domeinen Endpoint, Cloud en Netwerk, zorgt voor optimale beveiliging, automatisering en verlaging van kosten. De vraag is hoe krijgen we dit verhaal samen met u zo goed mogelijk over de bühne zodat aandacht en interesse bij de klant wordt gewekt? Speciaal voor u als Partner sales, organiseren wij twee Story Tell dagen, op 24 en 25 mei 2108. De training is geschikt voor eenieder binnen sales en is niet technisch van aard. De trainingen worden gegeven door Palo Alto Networks Trainer, Marcel Muller, en Paul de Goede, die nog een aardig verhaal weet te vertellen over gin. Wij kijken uit om je op 24 of 25 mei te mogen ...

CIPP/E (AVG,GDPR) training, amstelveen, nl, weekend van 26 en 27 mei 2018

Date: 26-May-18 to 27-May-18
Location: Netherlands
LET OP! DEZE TRAINING IS IN HET NEDERLANDS. PLEASE NOTE! THIS TRAINING WILL BE IN DUTCH! International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Certified Information Privacy Professional / Europe (CIPP/E) The global gold standard in European data protection certification.  Bent u in de war geraakt door de AVG (GDPR)? Dacht dat je gegevensbescherming snapte, maar ben je daar niet meer zo zeker van. Bereidt uw bedrijf zich vóór om op 25 mei 2018 te voldoen aan de AVG? Bent u het spoor bijster geraakt door alle zogenaamde gratis “expert” adviezen, heb je de kans gekregen om je gerichte vragen te stellen en gerichte antwoorden terug te krijgen? Wil je een kwaliteitstraining volgen, maar hebben geen tijd om trainingen te volgen tijdens kantooruren?  Zoek niet verder, hulp in nabij. ...

Develop Your Career as a Global Leader - Group Coaching Workshop-

Date: 31-May-18 to 31-May-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
The career coaching workshop is designed for global leaders, executives, managers, HR leaders and directors managing diverse and multicultural teams. It will also be valuable for those starting in new positions as international leaders or for those looking to develop their global leadership skills. During the event, participants will learn how to successfully manage their global leadership career and lead themselves. They will have the opportunity to get coaching from two international and multilingual ICF-trained coaches and professional trainers with different areas of expertise and backgrounds. Moreover, they will be exchanging ideas and insights with other leaders dealing with similar challenges. The workshop aims to influence participants to: • Have a stronger awareness of your ...

8th International Lymphoedema Framework Conference

Date: 06-Jun-18 to 09-Jun-18
Location: Rotterdam / Netherlands
The 8th International Lymphoedema Framework Conference will take place back to back with the next annual meeting of the International Compression Club (ICC) with the topic "Compression therapy in chronic oedema". The choice for Rotterdam hosting the 8th International Lymphoedema Framework Conference is a choice with a special symbolic meaning. The conference location is the former steamship SS Rotterdam; the first steamship of the Holland-America line between Rotterdam and New York. In addition, the Netherlands is well known because of its water management which is more or less like the lymphatic system, with lots of canals and rivers comparing it to capillaries and lymph vessels. Every now and then they threaten to be overloaded and solutions are sought to overcome these ...

euroPLX 67 Noordwijk (Netherlands) Pharma Partnering Conference

Date: 11-Jun-18 to 12-Jun-18
Location: Netherlands
The 67th International Pharma Partnering Conference will be attended once again by Executive Decision Makers in Pharma Business Development from all over the world. euroPLX is the unrivalled partnering platform for new business opportunities since 23 years, providing one of the most advanced online interaction and matchmaking systems around that facilitated more than 15,000 one-on-one business negotiations in 2017. Licensing deals, product acquisitions, co-marketing, mergers, or joint development projects for more than 1,600 companies from over 80 countries attest to the success story which will be continued with euroPLX 67 Noordwijk. Deals range from innovative to generic, prescription or OTC drugs, medical devices and companion diagnostics. Licensing, contract manufacture, marketing, ...

Interest Rate Risk in the Banking Book - Amsterdam

Date: 12-Jun-18 to 13-Jun-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
The course will cover a range of key topic areas including approaches to implementing a measurement and reporting solution, addressing key challenges of running stress testing exercises and examine enhanced disclosure requirements.


Date: 20-Jun-18 to 23-Jun-18
Location: Netherlands
EuroPerio9, held in Amsterdam from June 20-23 2018, is the triennially held congress organised by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP). It is expected to attract around 10,000 periodontists, dentists, dental hygienists, exhibitors and others in what will be a magnificent celebration of the latest in scientific and clinical knowledge in periodontology and implant dentistry. Highlights from the programme include live periodontal surgery (for the first time at a EuroPerio congress), a debate session about the global threat of antibacterial resistance, a 3D session on reconstructive surgery at teeth and implants, and a “nightmare session” which will discuss the worst cases that periodontists can treat. Registrations for EuroPerio9 opened on September 25 2017, with discounted ...

Packaged. The 7th Global Summit

Date: 25-Jun-18 to 26-Jun-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
The two day summit will explore the latest innovations in interactive packaging, nanotechnology and active packaging and discover the advances being made in materials for enhanced product safety and security. You will also learn how to reduce your cost per item by improving efficiency in your production line, reducing the size of your packaging and by using innovative new materials. Our world-leading innovative speakers will explain how you can create and implement sustainability policies that not only meet the demands of your consumer but that maintain and grow your profit margins too.