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Techsommet presents - Virtual Contact Centers 2.0 : Unlock the Future of Customer Experience

Esteemed Speakers, Panelists and Moderator of the event.

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Exciting agenda & presenters! Loved speaking at the first VCC. Looking forward to Techsommet's second edition.”
— Shaun Marshal - VP of Customer Experience at Careismatic Brands
DELAWARE, WYOMING, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 25, 2023 / -- In an age where digital transformation is reshaping the way businesses interact with customers, staying ahead in the customer experience game is crucial. On September 27, 2023, at 10:00 AM ET, industry leaders will converge at the highly anticipated event, "Virtual Contact Centers 2.0," to explore the exciting future of customer engagement and contact center excellence.

Introduction: Navigating the Digital Age of Customer Experience

The world of customer experience (CX) is in a constant state of evolution. Today, consumers are more connected and empowered than ever before, driving businesses to adapt and innovate to meet their ever-expanding expectations. The Virtual Contact Centers 2.0 event, set to take place on September 27th, 2023, is a unique opportunity for industry professionals to come together and explore the cutting-edge strategies and technologies that are revolutionizing customer engagement.

The Moderator: Neal Topf - A Trusted Voice in CX

At the helm of this groundbreaking event is Neal Topf, President of Callzilla, a name synonymous with expertise in customer experience and contact center management. As the event's moderator, Neal Topf brings a wealth of experience and insight, ensuring that attendees can expect thought-provoking discussions and engaging sessions throughout the day.

Setting the Stage: Platinum Sponsor - Zingtree

The Virtual Contact Centers 2.0 event is proud to welcome Zingtree as its platinum sponsor. As a leading player in the contact center solutions arena, Zingtree is dedicated to providing innovative solutions that drive superior customer experiences. Their involvement as a sponsor underscores the event's commitment to delivering valuable insights and solutions to all attendees.

Session 1: Marc Chabot - Chief Revenue Officer at Zingtree

The event will commence with a bang, as Marc Chabot, Chief Revenue Officer at Zingtree, takes the stage. Marc's extensive knowledge and experience in the field make him the perfect candidate to kick off the day's proceedings. His session promises to delve into the latest trends and innovations in contact center solutions, setting the tone for an enlightening day of discussions and presentations.

Session 2: Neha Dutta - VP of Customer Experience Transformation at EXL

Following Marc Chabot's presentation, Neha Dutta, VP of Customer Experience Transformation at EXL, will share her insights into strategies for optimizing customer experiences in the digital era. Neha's expertise lies in guiding organizations toward customer-centric transformations, making her session a must-attend for those seeking to remain competitive in today's digital landscape.

Fireside Chat: Claudio Pugliese - Assistant VP of Call Center Operations, EmblemHealth, and Neal Topf

A highlight of the event will be a captivating fireside chat between Claudio Pugliese, Assistant VP of Call Center Operations at EmblemHealth, and the event's moderator, Neal Topf. This candid conversation promises to provide a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities faced by contact centers today. The intersection of real-world experience and expert moderation will undoubtedly result in an engaging and enlightening dialogue.

Session 3: Stacy Sherman - Founder and Chief Customer Experience Officer at DoingCXRight

Next on the agenda is Stacy Sherman, Founder and Chief Customer Experience Officer at DoingCXRight. Stacy's extensive experience in crafting customer-centric strategies positions her as a thought leader in the CX space. Her session will provide attendees with actionable insights on delivering outstanding customer experiences that resonate with today's demanding consumers.

Panel Discussion:
The highlight of the event will undoubtedly be the thought-provoking panel discussion, "Elevating Customer Experience in the Digital Age: Contact Centers and Beyond." Our esteemed panelists are luminaries in their respective fields:

Marc Chabot, Chief Revenue Officer at Zingtree, will share his insights into how technology can empower businesses to enhance their customer engagement strategies.

Angie Lanasa, VP Contact Center Operations at Imagenet LLC, brings a wealth of experience in managing high-performing contact center operations. Her expertise in optimizing customer interactions will be invaluable.

Brad Upham, Manager of Contact Center Strategy and Transformation at ACLIVITI, is a visionary leader who has overseen transformative changes in contact center operations. He will provide unique perspectives on adapting to the digital age.

Neha Dutta, VP of Customer Experience Transformation at EXL, will return to the stage for the panel discussion. Her insights into transforming customer experiences align perfectly with the event's theme.

The panel discussion promises to be a dynamic exchange of ideas and best practices, with each panelist offering their unique perspective on elevating customer experience in the digital age. From the role of technology and data analytics to the significance of employee training and empowerment, this discussion will cover it all.

Who Should Attend:
"Virtual Contact Centers 2.0" is tailored for professionals and enthusiasts alike who are passionate about customer engagement, contact center innovation, and enhancing customer experiences. Whether you are an industry veteran, a budding entrepreneur, a manager striving to optimize your contact center operations, or simply someone with a keen interest in the field of customer service, this event welcomes you with open arms.

This dynamic panel will explore how businesses can not only survive but thrive in the digital age. They will delve into reimagining contact centers, adopting cutting-edge technologies, and developing strategies that transcend traditional customer service.

Seize the Opportunity to Elevate Your Customer Experience :

In an era defined by digital innovation and ever-increasing customer expectations, the Virtual Contact Centers 2.0 event offers a golden opportunity for professionals across industries to gather, learn, and innovate. Register now to secure a place among the leaders shaping the future of customer experience.

Don't miss this chance to connect with industry experts, gain actionable insights, and take your customer experience strategies to new heights. Visit to secure a spot today.

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