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Manteca’s Financials: A Story of Resilience and Progress

City Council Members From left to right City of Manteca City Council Members Charlie Halford, Jose Nuño, Mayor Gary Singh, Vice Mayor David Breitenbucher, and Mike Morowit.

Shay Narayan is the Director of Finance for the City of Manteca

Toni Lundgren, Manteca City Manager

MANTECA, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 16, 2024 / -- In a transformative move towards fiscal responsibility and resiliency, Manteca has embarked on a journey of financial revitalization under the leadership of City Manager Toni Lundgren, and Finance Director, Shay Narayan. Overcoming past challenges of late audits and financial uncertainty, the City of Manteca is now ushering in a new era of stability and prosperity.

"Upon my arrival, we faced significant hurdles, including overdue audits and a backlog of payments to vendors," states Narayan. “However, through innovative solutions and harnessing the talents of the Finance team, we swiftly automated purchasing and accounts payable processes, using existing technology without the need for additional funding."

Narayan emphasizes that the success achieved thus far has been a testament to the dedication and expertise of the Manteca finance team and support from the City Manager’s Office and City Council.

"Our focus extends beyond mere numbers; it's about fostering collaboration among departments, engaging with auditors and the public, and building a foundation for sustained prosperity," Narayan adds.

Recognizing the challenges stemming from organizational transitions and evolving practices, Narayan highlights the importance of leadership continuity and institutional knowledge.

"With nearly a third of our staff joining in the last two years, it was crucial to establish clear roles and responsibilities," he explains. To this end, Narayan appointed Lana McBroom as Acting Budget Manager, ensuring streamlined operations and effective financial oversight.

McBroom echoes Narayan's sentiments, emphasizing her role in driving sound financial practices and facilitating strategic planning initiatives. "Our focus remains on ensuring transparency, accountability, and efficiency in all financial endeavors,” states McBroom.

Under City Manager Lundgren’s guidance, Manteca has prioritized comprehensive policy reform, strategic utility rate analysis, and enhanced collaboration among the Senior Leadership Team.

"Our collective efforts are geared towards not only stabilizing our finances but also setting a solid foundation for sustained growth and prosperity," states Lundgren.

The City's commitment to transparency and accountability extends to its annual comprehensive financial reporting, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies and credit rating agencies.

"Our success is rooted in the Manteca approach – a blend of diligent work ethic, community engagement, and cohesive teamwork," Lundgren concludes.

About the City of Manteca

Manteca is a full-service City with police, fire, public works, water, trash and sewer services. For more information, call the City Manager’s office at (209) 456-8000, email:, or go online to

Incorporated in 1918, Manteca has a diverse population of 88,772. Manteca grew at 24.4% from 2010-2020 and continues to grow at an accelerated pace. The City has 28,454 households with a median home price of $500,017. The median annual household income is $118,814.

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