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Revolutionizing Brand Responsibility: Henoscene Campaigns Inspire Engagement and Ethical Consumerism

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Transforming how brands relate to their stakeholders, and consumers, leverage their influencers, and result in tangible environmental and social impact.

As an ethical, slow-fashion brand, we value how our shoes are made & our overall impact on the world. We only make what people ask for. We're ecstatic to receive your upvotes & preorders on Henoscene.”
— Jessica Singer, Founder of Le Mondeur

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2024 / -- Le Mondeur, a boutique sustainable sneaker brand, has set a new standard for consumer responsibility through a groundbreaking collaboration with Big Life Foundation (BLF) and the campaign's Maestro, National Geographic Explorer, artist, and tech entrepreneur, Asher Jay. The "I Stand For" sneaker design challenge has brought together creators from all corners of the globe to showcase their talents and creativity through an innovative campaign that empowers consumers to have a direct impact on fashion production and environmental sustainability.

The "I Stand For: Big Five" impact campaign, spearheaded by Le Mondeur on Henoscene, features a diverse range of artistic expressions, from graphic illustrations to generative AI creations, all centered around the preservation of the African Big 5, i.e. lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo. The African Big 5 are animals ordinarily deemed hardest to hunt, however, this campaign seconds the Big Life Foundation's perspective, which is to reframe these iconic megafaunas as worth more alive than dead. The core focus of this undertaking is to advance responsible consumerism, whether it is in how and why we travel to African countries to interact with wildlife or the kind of goods we buy, like shoes. Sneakers are not just something to sport, they are what individuals can take a daily stand on.

Creatives contributed to Le Mondeur's content call for six weeks after which the brand (Le Mondeur), impact partner (Big Life Foundation), Maestro (Asher Jay), and the Henoscene community, selected the 6 features for the campaign: Most Popular, Maestro's Favorite, Brand Favorite, Impact Partner's Favorite, Brand Shoe Design, Maestro's Shoe Design. The 6 Features cast a bright spotlight on the inimitable talent of 12 different emerging artists: Evan Koch, Hannah Clark, Candis’s Diamondis, K W, Maxwell Baumgartner, Angie Raab, Shanice Figuerox, Kenji Kou, Megan McPherson, Ditto Sarma, Ruth B Wes, and Ash Griffith! Then, the brand and maestro each respectively laid out their selection of featured artists’ works as two sneaker style variants, giving rise to four sneaker styles in total, each fabricated and conceptualized uniquely, so consumers could upvote one of two styles designed by the brand, and one of two styles designed by the Maestro.

Each panel of each sneaker style features a different artist’s work, making each pair of kicks a colorful, bold statement for wildlife conservation in East Africa. While Le Mondeur overlaid graffiti elements onto their sneaker style variant while using certain Contributions' elements as context for other artworks in the design, the Maestro Asher Jay opted to create the overall context for the content submitted on her two sneaker styles. With varying background textures, colors, and silhouette elements, Jay's sneakers offer a unified setting for all the animals, resulting in aesthetic coherency. Every panel layout shows animals taking a final stand for their own contexts, urging us to simply stand in solidarity with them. The soles, trim, and laces are black for all four shoe variants.

The "Voting Phase" of the campaign is currently open for public feedback. Consumers are now invited to log onto the Henoscene platform to explore and upvote one of LeMondeur's two sneaker styles, named Sto Pro Natura and Natura Rerum, and one of the two Maestro styles named Ferum Latus and Fera Vita, as two of the four styles will get minted and manufactured by the brand. The preferred upvoted designs and consumers' feedback on key parameters such as design, style, color, and material will determine the styles the brand commits resources to mint and manufacture. This innovative market-created and market-validated approach not only reduces waste and minimizes overproduction but also empowers consumers to shape the products they purchase based on their personal values and honest desires.

Le Mondeur's collaboration with Big Life Foundation further underscores the brand's commitment to ethical fashion and sustainability. Although they have not worked on an African wildlife conservation effort previously, they are a courageous, agile, brand eager to embrace collaborative firsts. By supporting and upvoting these sneaker styles, consumers will not only be investing in a unique and responsibly-produced product but also contributing to Big Life Foundation's remarkable conservation efforts. How? By evidencing clarity of demand before production is committed to.

Henoscene's impact campaign platform provides a transparent and collaborative space for brands, nonprofits, and consumers to come together in support of social and environmental change. The platform's seamless interface and commitment to accountability make it easy for stakeholders to engage with meaningful initiatives and support conscious consumption.

Founder and CEO of Henoscene, Asher Jay, emphasizes the importance of community and collaboration in navigating today's challenging social landscape, "We live in rather unforgiving times, where cancel-culture seeds fear in all who want to make a difference or try something new. We help derisk this antagonistic landscape for brands and their stakeholders by building community around co-creation and collaboration.” Through initiatives like the "I Stand For" campaign, Henoscene aims to empower brands and consumers to co-create positive change and foster a culture of responsible decision-making.

The platform has a new water stewardship-focused impact campaign called "What Is Paramo?" on it as well, run by the brand Agua Zalva of Bavaria Colombia. This campaign benefits the non-profit MiParamo in their conservation efforts, and it will result in 15 artists' works being featured in a short animated film that will respond to the question posed, "What is Paramo?" Excitingly, the campaign's "Most Popular Feature" creator will be flown out to Colombia to meet Paramo in person! Henoscene was one of the startups in Cohort 4 of the 100+ Accelerator program, under AbInBev's Inclusive Growth focus, which led the application to pilot their MVP (minimum viable product) with AbInBev's subsidiary, Agua Zalva.

Join Henoscene's community in championing consumer responsibility and ethical fashion by participating in the "What is Paramo?" design challenge or by upvoting your favorite "I Stand For" sneakers. Let your voice be heard, support emerging artists, and make a tangible difference in the world of sustainable consumerism.

Together, we can revolutionize the way we approach consumer responsibility and create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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