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Morgenrot Inc. launches “Render Pool Client™” App, Significantly Increasing Efficiency for Enterprise Customers

New features from cloud based rendering service, Render Pool™, creates a smoother user experience for enterprise customers with high-volume rendering workloads.

TOKYO, JAPAN, April 17, 2023/ -- Morgenrot Inc. announces the launch of "Render Pool Client™" app, significantly improving user experience for high-volume rendering. Through a close partnership with Telecom Animation Film Co., Ltd, this new addition to Render Pool™, the leading global cloud based rendering service, was designed to support enterprise customers with large scale rendering projects and requirements.

The Blender & Maya plugin featured within the new Render Pool Client™ app provides automated rendering upload and download, creation of intermediate files to reduce setup time, and secure data exchange between trusted enterprise partners to streamline project files exchange. With this new integration, Render Pool Client™ users can automate tedious steps within the rendering process, freeing up work time and reducing the risk of human error. Additionally, users have the option to start rendering from asset check, scene, and camera selection, compatible with the Addon function of Blender®.

“Morgenrot paid sincere attention to our requests throughout the Render Pool Client development. The Render Pool Client app helped us to increase work efficiency and accuracy. Render Pool is a great service that guarantees cost and quality, and we believe that it has become even more useful with the completion of Render Pool Client. We will continue to make the best use of Render Pool to produce our works in the future.” said Mr. Ito and Mr. Takano from Telecom Animation Film Co., Ltd. (Headquarter in Nakano-ku, Tokyo Japan; CEO Yu Kiyozono).

As the positive feedback from Telecom Animation Co., Ltd. shows, the use of Render Pool Client™ can significantly improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency for enterprise level workloads through API plugins, automated workflow tools, and cloud-based data exchange.

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Morgenrot is an engineering driven startup that offers cloud-based computing solutions which allow end users to access high performance computing power anytime, anywhere as needed. Our proprietary algorithm Excalibur® platform distributes computing tasks across our global network of thousands of servers, significantly reducing project lead time and overall cost. Morgenrot aims to provide democratized supercomputing services across all industries powered by renewable energy sources to build an earth-friendly digital social infrastructure.

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About Telecom Animation Film Co., Ltd.

Telecom Animation Film Co., Ltd. is a Japanese animation production company that was established in 1975 as a subsidiary of Tokyo Movie (now known as TMS Entertainment Co., Ltd.). Its primary objective was to train animators to create full-length animation films that could be distributed globally. In 1988, the production of "NEMO" gained international recognition leading to Telecom Animation Film Co.’s collaboration with Warner Brothers and other companies to produce several international TV series. In 1997, "Animaniacs" received a Children's and Family Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Series, and the following year, in 1998, "Batman" received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series. Telecom Animation Film Co. not only collaborates with other companies but also takes on independent productions. Recently, in addition to TV series, they have been actively involved in the production of theatrical productions, commercials, and promotional videos.

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