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Alexander Oelfke, CEO of SKYGROUND Group, exclusively announces exciting new Partnership in the Metaverse Sector

Alexander Oelfke, CEO of SKYGROUND Group, Exclusively Announces Exciting New Partnership in the Metaverse Sector

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According to STATISTA analysts, The Metaverse is projected to generate a turnover of 191 billion US dollars in the e-commerce sector alone by 2030.”
— STATISTA, official statement
BERLIN, GERMANY, February 1, 2023 / -- SKYGROUND Group is proud to announce its partnership with Metaverse, exclusively to BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG. As previously reported by BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG in an interview with CEO Alexander Oelfke, also featured in international media outlets including Forbes, The Guardian, The Japan Times, Benzigna France, Yahoo! Finance, and WallStreet Online, the company has been hard at work on a significant project in recent months. After a successful six-month trial period, where multiple companies participated, SKYGROUND is now an official technology partner of Metaverse.

The Metaverse is a unique virtual world that combines the excitement of gaming with the innovative power of blockchain technology. As a partially player-owned and operated platform, Metaverse provides an advanced digital and interactive environment for users to experience.
The Metaverse is a fully immersive, digital world where users can bring their online Characters to life. Members can customize their avatars, engage in exciting games, shop for virtual items, connect with others, and establish their unique profile within the Metaverse. This interactive environment offers endless possibilities for exploration and expression.

As a technology provider, SKYGROUND supports many major online brokers worldwide with first-class technology modules, using similar trading technology, such as MT4 and MT5, also used by established traditional brokers like IG Group, Swissquote, and BDSwiss. The difference is that the Metaverse do not involve any of traditional currencies such Euro, US Dollar, and British Pound, making it a truly distinctive opportunity in the FinTech world.

The Metaverse platform has a unique system based on blockchain as well as an all-round solution on blockchain technology, which is one of the most transparent and transformative technologies of our time.

According to STATISTA analysts, The Metaverse is projected to generate a turnover of 191 billion US dollars in the e-commerce sector alone by 2030.

Furthermore, STATISTA experts projects continued growth, reaching $499 billion by 2027, which could potentially make the gaming market the strongest, surpassing digital video ($477 billion) and far ahead of television ($386 billion).

Alexander Oelfke has many years of experience in the capital markets sector, having worked with well-known financial institutions such as COMMERZBANK, Covus Group, CMT Asset Management, Aquila Group, and BDSwiss, among others. He and his team have a long track record of delivering successful projects for corporates across various industries. The SKYGROUND team’s extensive experience in the FinTech, financial and trading industries further strengthens their confidence in the promising future of the Metaverse.

SKYGROUND is the technology partner of the Metaverse by providing diverse Technology for the Metaverse ecosystem. By bridging the gap between traditional finance and the Metaverse Blockchain Economy, SKYGROUND is paving the way for universal access to high Blockchain Economy and Markets, starting with educational resources through a trading academy and personalized support to ensure the community's rapid progress and success.

The Web3 ecosystem will receive a significant boost from SKYGROUND in this regard, as the innovation associated with Blockchain crypto asset trading looks outstanding, and not just according to blockchain economics analysts at BERLINER TAGESZEITUNG.

More information about SKYGROUND can be found here:

Disclaimer: The above text is exclusively about blockchain technology and not about financial instruments.

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