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iViu Helps Facility Managers Manage Capacity Limits, ensuring Social Distancing, Speeding the return to the “New Normal”

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Social Distancing Guidelines

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iViu Technologies’ Capacity Alert & Prevention System monitors capacity inside malls, shopping centers, retail stores, grocers and offices

Capacity limits and social distancing are important for safely returning to business. As such, the ability to do more than just count the number of people in a building is vital.”
— Dave Berg, COO of iViu Technologies
ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 14, 2020 / -- Anaheim, CA based technology company, iViu Technologies, released the patent-pending Capacity Alert & Prevention System (CAPs) which monitors total occupancy within a facility and internal zones, alerting stakeholders in real-time when capacity thresholds are approached.

CAPs alerts facility personnel, can trigger digital displays and announcements to support or enforce social distancing guidelines. Staff can proactively help patrons with their business, communicate social distancing requirements in a zone, or temporarily close the zone if social distancing guidelines cannot be supported at the time.

Early warnings, reports and audit logs are necessary tools as part of an overall strategy for supporting social distancing. The configurable warning alerts give staff time to react before a zone becomes too populated to support social distancing. Reports give visibility to help manage zone health and staff effectiveness. Audit logs are important to monitor progress over time and may be used as evidence to support compliance.

Dave Berg, COO of iViu Technologies says, “Facility operators are struggling to figure out what the new normal will look like. Capacity limits and social distancing are important for safely returning to business. As such, the ability to do more than just count the number of people in a building is vital. Especially in larger facilities, the ability to understand where people are going and congregating is critical to being able to have enough time to help before there is a problem.

We are proud to be able to bring this solution to market so quickly, allowing our existing customers a seamless upgrade while working with our partners to bring CAPs to the market at scale in time to help support the reopening of economies around the world.”

About iViu Technologies

iViu Technologies has been a leading developer of indoor positioning technologies since 2013, focusing on scalable and real-time positioning solutions. Over 1,200 retail locations around the world rely on iViu’s SaaS services in their most critical decision-making processes. By leveraging our knowledge of indoor positioning, we’ve built a platform for indoor analytics that is easy to deploy, very accurate, and most importantly, real-time.

iViu’s solutions are GDPR and CCPA compliant, which means that they incorporate the highest standards for protecting privacy of staff and guests. The CAPs system only detects mobile device presence and movement, and then reports on real-time occupancy levels. No personally identifiable information is collected or reported.

iViu’s Capacity Alert & Prevention System is a patent-pending platform that monitors building, mall and zone occupancy and alerts based on configurable capacity thresholds.

iViu’s CAPs and iDPlatform are powered by AWS. Both systems use the same patented Wi-Fi sensors called iDTags and 3rd party devices to detect and collect anonymous data.

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