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EAWD Files Patent for Revolutionary Self-Sufficient Energy Supplied Systems for Generating Atmospheric Water in Mexico

EAWD Files Patent for Revolutionary Self-Sufficient Energy Supplied Systems for Generating Atmospheric Water in Mexico

Energy Water & Development Corp. (OTCQB:EAWD)

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, March 27, 2024 / -- Leading water and energy solutions provider, Energy and Water Development Corp (OTCQB: EAWD) proudly announces the filing of a groundbreaking patent for its innovative Self-Sufficient Energy Supplied System for Generating Atmospheric Water, along with a novel method to control the system, in Mexico. This patent represents a significant milestone in the company's mission to provide sustainable water solutions globally.

With recent news highlighting concerning water levels on the main reservoirs of Mexico, the need for innovative and sustainable water generation solutions has never been more urgent. EAWD's patented technology offers a game-changing approach to water generation by harnessing atmospheric humidity and converting it into clean, potable water without relying on traditional water sources.

The Self-Sufficient Energy Supplied System for Generating Atmospheric Water utilizes cutting-edge renewable energy sources to power the atmospheric water generation process, ensuring independence from grid power and reducing environmental impact. This system is designed to be highly efficient, cost-effective, and scalable, making it an ideal solution for communities, industries, and regions facing water scarcity challenges.

Commenting on the significance of this patent filing, MSc Irma Velazquez, CEO of EAWD, stated, "The filing of this patent marks a pivotal moment not only for EAWD but also for the future of sustainable water solutions in Mexico and beyond. With water scarcity becoming an increasingly pressing issue globally, our innovative technology offers a ray of hope by providing a reliable source of clean water while reducing reliance on traditional water sources."

EAWD remains committed to working closely with local governments, communities, and stakeholders in Mexico to deploy its revolutionary technology and address water challenges effectively. By harnessing the power of innovation and sustainability, EAWD aims to contribute to a future where access to clean water is a universal right.

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About EAWD:
EAWD is a global engineering company that provides sustainable technological solutions to address the world's water scarcity and energy supply challenges. EAWD builds its systems out of proven technologies, using their technical know-how to customize solutions to their clients' needs. The Company offers design, construction, maintenance and specialty consulting services to private companies, government entities and non-government organizations (NGOs).

The company has existing offices in Germany and the United States and has now expanded its presence in Latin America with a new office in Mexico. Read more about EAWD:

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