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PZU in Davos: the world should know that it is worth investing in Poland today

DAVOS, Switzerland, Jan. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Especially in the times of crisis, investors are looking for the most stable markets for investing their capital. Although it may seem, at first glance, that Poland, with a war taking place just across its border, does not match that definition, according to Tomasz Kulik of the PZU Group, now is the moment for promoting the image of our country as one of the most promising economies in the world.

"Why Poland? Capturing the opportunity in the era of a shift from globalization to regionalization" was the title of the first expert debate organized at the Polish House during the World Economic Forum in Davos . The issue of whether and how our country may take advantage of the current trends observed on the international business scene was discussed inter alia by Tomasz Kulik, Board Member and CFO of the PZU Group.

According to the panelists, recent years have shown the fragility of current supply chains which have been disrupted or even completely interrupted by the pandemic or the war in Ukraine. Production activities or services that were previously transferred to the Far East for instance, will be increasingly returning to geographies that are closer to the investors' home markets, especially those bound by political and military alliances.

Those taking part in the discussion held at the Polish House in Davos agreed that the transition from globalization to regionalization we are experiencing these days is a very important moment. They also noted that Central and Eastern Europe, and Poland in particular, must seize this opportunity to attract the largest possible number of companies returning from Asia, or new investment projects.

"The fact that our country is located in close proximity to the war zone may obviously raise some concerns among potential foreign investors. However, this factor may also prove to be a blessing for the Polish economy, especially in the context of the future reconstruction of Ukraine's infrastructure and the development of a network of connections between all key European markets," explained Tomasz Kulik.

The expert added, that the positive image and attractiveness that Poland enjoys in the eyes of foreign investors is also enhanced by such initiatives as the Polish House in Davos - an undertaking that the PZU Group has been co-organizing for the fourth time now.

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