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Subscription twist is proving a winner for companies recruiting in “terrible” employment market

Mathew Thompson | CEO & Founder of Talent Butler

Mathew Thompson | CEO & Founder of Talent Butler

Talent Butler is challenging the traditional $4.9BN Australian recruitment model through a disruptive subscription service.

I’ve spent my whole career hearing the frustration of clients about the costs and unreliability of the recruitment process, so I developed a 12 month subscription approach with a replacement guarantee”
— founder Mathew Thompson

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, December 5, 2022 / -- As the employment rate hits a 48-year low, recruitment company Talent Butler is challenging the traditional $4.9BN Australian recruitment model as it helps companies from Sydney to Singapore save hiring costs through a disruptive subscription service.

Launched 18 months ago, Talent Butler minimises the cost and risk associated with losing new employees soon after the obligatory probation period ends, eliminating the one-off lump sum that traditional recruiters would ordinarily receive for securing the inoperative staff member. The subscription service supports the talent search in today’s challenging employment market with a 12-month replacement guarantee and significantly lower recruitment fees.
A newcomer to the cumbersome and costly traditional recruitment model is gaining fast traction, with companies from Sydney to Singapore signing up to the disruptive subscription model.

Talent Butler launched its subscription for clients 18-months ago with a plan to vanquish the wasted cost and risk companies face of losing new employees immediately after the obligatory probation period, at which point the recruiter has been paid their lump sum for securing the staff member whether they work out or not.
“I’ve spent my whole career hearing the frustration of clients about the costs and unreliability of the recruitment process, so I developed a 12 month subscription approach with a replacement guarantee for any recruits that leave or don’t work out,” founder Mathew Thompson explained.

“The subscription fee for service provides greater certainty for clients and is a more affordable model.”
“By having our clients subscribe with us, we’re sharing risk, committing to them long term and creating a true partnership.”

A growing strata company in Canberra with 80 staff and a new office in Newcastle is experiencing the benefits of the Talent Butler system.

“I have worked with recruiters for years, and I have always had very patchy results for even patchier costs,” Chris Miller, managing director of Vantage Strata, said.

“When I took up the subscription model of recruitment with Talent Butler, I was sold on the idea of being able to access recruitment services, but being able to pay off the chunky costs of placements over time.”
“After subscribing, we placed a candidate without having the burden of paying a hefty once-off fee upfront. Due to unexpected growth, we needed another candidate soon after and we were able to tap into our subscription.”
“Talent Butler offers an excellent service in a crowded market while offering a truly disruptive business model in an industry that is ripe for disruption.”

Much loved charcoal chicken chain El Jannah is also a fan of the subscription model. HR officer John Oh says it's a refreshing alternative to the traditional model.

“The old way of recruitment is cutthroat and daunting, the cost outlay is huge. Some of the recruitment firms we have worked with asked for upwards of 15pc for what is a very ‘one-off’ transaction with no guarantee of success,” John Oh said.

“We’re currently hiring construction project managers and leasing managers through Talent Butler where the subscription approach alleviates the financial pressure of putting someone on that doesn’t work out for us. It spreads that cost and risk out over the year, which looks better on the balance sheet.”

“For us, it provides a sense of certainty at a time when the employment market out there is terrible - people are just taking offers to improve their own position in their current company and wasting a lot of time for employers like us.”
Providing recurring revenue and, therefore, a higher business valuation are just some of the benefits the Talent Butler business itself achieves from the subscription model,

“I started the business in 2021 in the midst of a pandemic with very little working capital. I wanted to do something new. I said to my wife, “I want to be more than another recruiter, I want to be a talent partner”.”
Mat’s Estonian wife pronounced “partner” as “butler” and that’s how the name came about.

“I had modest ambitions of trying something new, little did I expect seven-figure revenue streams within the first 12 months and the level of engagement and interest we’ve had,” Mr Thompson said.

“My vision was to create an affordable recruitment solution which would appeal to the growing Small and Medium Enterprise sector who find large one-off recruitment fees highly restrictive, and don't have internal recruitment teams. It seemed like a no-brainer to me.”

Talent Butler’s monthly subscription fee starts at $595 and increases up to $1,295 for those needing to hire more senior salary levels.

“Our focus now is scaling the team to meet the needs of different business verticals with a National Director recently hired to oversee continued growth.”

“When we modelled this, we could see straight away that our total cost was significantly lower than our competitors and because of revenue certainty through the subscription model we could offer better service and 12 month replacement guarantees. That’s the major flaw with the recruitment industry, it’s grossly inefficient but it doesn’t need to be that way.”

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