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Jo-Anne Daniels of Trade Resources & Associates to be Featured on Close Up Radio


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STEVINSON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2022/ -- Jo-Anne Daniels is the President and founder of Trade Resources & Associates with over 25 years of experience. She is a leading consultant and expert witness in international trade and customs, export control, as well as logistics, trucking, and transportation. Jo-Anne’s professional consulting is a result of all her years of experience working in international trade, logistics, and trucking industries. Lawyers needing an expert witness in any one of these different specialties contact Jo-Anne for her expert opinion in matters related to any one of these specific matters. The key to Jo-Anne’s expert testimony is making sure that she reviews all the facts of the case and completes a full and comprehensive investigation before she can provide her opinion and draft an expert report.

Over the years Jo-Anne has developed a professional client base that requires her expert consulting service. Jo-Anne’s first opportunity to provide expert testimony was when she worked for her employer. She discovered she enjoyed the work which led her to learn how to develop an expert witness practice. As an example, Jo-Anne worked on a matter where she was asked to provide an opinion with respect to a U.S. Customs Broker’s responsibility to exercise responsible supervision and control because she is a Licensed Customs Broker and has over 25 years of experience working with Customs authorities and advising clients on customs matters. In another case, she was involved in opining on the reasonableness of the methodology for calculating global ocean and air freight claims in a class action matter. Another case involved a motor carrier driver who caused a fatal accident. Jo-Anne’s investigation focused on the actions of the shipper who hired the motor carrier, and she was asked to opine on the degree of reasonable care used in the selection and hiring of the transportation.

For most of her life, Jo-Anne had a fondness for English literature and traveling. Her interest in international travel led her to become a cargo sales representative for an international airline. This job eventually led her into working for an express carrier which transitioned her into learning more about import and export laws. Jo-Anne was not just managing the operations of shipping and transportation, but she was gaining knowledge of import and export regulations. She was exposed to learning more about the U.S. and international laws, which are very complex since each country adheres to its own regulations. Her role working for the express carrier encouraged Jo-Anne to obtain a Customs Brokers license from Customs and Border Protection. The next step for Jo-Anne was to apply her knowledge and skills to develop and manage export programs within a global corporation in order for the company to comply with import and export laws and mitigate any violations of the law.

Jo-Anne also traveled to domestic and foreign locations to train, audit and set up processes with foreign and domestic entities and government agencies. She learned how to import and export into the European Union, Russia, China, ASEAN countries (Association of Southeast Asian countries), the Middle East and South America. All the while Jo-Anne attended conferences to remain current on the changes in international import and export laws. Although most people focus on either import or export, Jo-Anne’s practice includes both import and export. Jo-Anne was invited by a global trade association to give a presentation on all recent Russia and Ukraine sanctions and explain to attendees how to comply with the changes in the laws. Jo-Anne finds it rewarding to be a speaker, trainer, and mentor.

Jo-Anne acknowledges there are many young people entering the field and she enjoys mentoring the people who are interested in learning about international trade and logistics and inspiring them to excel and succeed in this industry. Eventually, when she retires, she would like to pass on the vast knowledge and the gift of her experiences.

For those who want to enter the field, there are many online courses, webinars, and seminars as well as networking that Jo-Anne finds very helpful in enhancing skills and knowledge. While she was in college there were many women like her who were English majors and there was no real guidance and opportunities back then for her chosen field. Now education in international trade and expert witnessing has a lot of potential for growth. There's so much opportunity to learn and network, but there is also a lot to learn in terms of the business and marketing side dealing with hiring attorneys and contracts. Social media is very helpful in learning to build trustworthy relationships. Working with the lawyers in matters you learn to understand that you are the expert, and the attorneys value your expert opinion. One of the attorneys she worked for on a case told her after finishing a deposition that she did a good job, and she appreciated the feedback very much.

“My advice for new people coming into the industry is to trust your voice inside and let that be your guide to where you are going. Jo-Anne followed her instincts and internal guidance and realized that you have to be confident and explore opportunities that come your way in order to gain knowledge and experience in this industry and in time develop a practice. “It's good to do something that you love, and then to know you're making a difference in the world. That's the best thing, to have passion for what you do.”

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