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Bestselling author Megan Farrell-Nelson: “Don’t quit before the magic happens.”

Real estate—like any career—is often tough and challenging. But on the other side of the many grueling moments, great rewards are waiting.

Don’t quit before the magic happens.”
— Megan Farell-Nelson
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 26, 2022 / -- Megan Farrell-Nelson has learned a lot of lessons in her almost ten years in real estate. The biggest lesson of all was not to quit. The image she keeps top of mind is an Internet meme of two guys with pickaxes plugging away through rock in search of diamonds. One has turned, exhausted, and is walking away; the other man keeps going, almost at those coveted diamonds all because he didn’t quit. What the viewer sees, and the first guy doesn’t, is that with one more swing of the axe, he’d have broken through to an enormous cache of gems. “I really try to carry that with me in every area of my life and business,” Megan says. “I try to remember that I’m always evolving and learning new skills and not to quit before that magic happens.”

A former kindergarten teacher, one skill Megan had to learn in the fast and furious world of Florida real estate was to have a thick skin and to recognize that buyers’ decisions were not about her. It was a big change from teacher to agent, but she picked it up quickly and with a lot of hard work, found much success. With success and leadership came great responsibility and a lot of work. She began to lose herself in the world of real estate and it took her hitting a wall at 100mph to change her ways.

“It’s something that I now call the worst weekend of my life,” she says. This part of her story could have broken her, but it didn’t. Instead she chose to lean in, learn from it, heal from it, and move forward to create a life beyond her wildest dreams. Through this journey she found recovery and removed alcohol from her life. She credits the peace she now has in her life to her journey through recovery and rediscovering who she is and what she truly wants out of life.
“For anyone listening, if you’re in a situation where you have that one thing that you know you need to change, whether it be alcohol, drugs, food, overworking; whatever that vice may be, know that there is hope out there and peace on the other side,” Megan says. “You deserve to heal and you deserve a great life, and if you can’t believe that today, then just borrow my belief.”

Find Megan on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn at Megan Farrell-Nelson. “Feel free to reach out if you have real estate questions, but also if you’re interested in reframing your relationship with alcohol, know you can contact me anytime,” Megan says. Find more of her story in the compelling new book Women Who Boss Up in Real Estate, a collection of interviews with brokers, agents, and owners who are breaking the mold in real estate and ready to inspire the next generation of women to find success in this fast-paced, flexible, and highly lucrative industry.

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