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Tulsa Tree Experts Advice Homeowners Against Practicing Deforestation

Certified Tulsa Tree Service Experts

TULSA, OK, USA, November 22, 2022 / -- After a recent survey done by the Tulsa Tree Experts survey team in Tulsa and its suburbs, the team was sad to find out that deforestation is becoming a norm in the entire region. The company, therefore, held a meeting with the reporters earlier today to warn homeowners against practicing deforestation.

"From the survey findings," said the CEO during the meeting, "almost 30% of homeowners in Tulsa and the neighboring districts have engaged in deforestation. Some were doing this to create room for other agricultural purposes, home construction, and wood extraction. The rest were just ignorant, and they cleared the forests for no reason."

The CEO shared several reasons why homeowners should not engage in deforestation.

"Deforestation affects water vapor formation over the canopy, reducing rainfall," noted the CEO. "With the reduced rainfall, practices like agriculture will not thrive so well. It also becomes hard for human beings and animals as they need water every day. The trees also help to provide fresh air (oxygen) for human beings and animals. Once the trees are removed in large numbers, you can see the oxygen level dropping down to the minimum. As a result, respiratory diseases shoot to the maximum. Lastly, the trees prevent soil erosion, therefore, once removed, the top fertile soil is carried away by winds and floods. This directly affects agriculture as the crops are deprived of the nutrients essential for growth. Some crops are even carried away by the floods."

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The Tulsa Tree Experts CEO then advised homeowners to plant more trees after removing trees.

"They say cut one, plant 5, and homeowners should take this message heavily," said the CEO. "Replace deforestation with reforestation. In this case, reforestation does not only apply to the forests but also the home yard. Aim at making the yard more forested than it was before. That way, the days to come will be better and safer."

The CEO also urged other tree care companies to join hands with Tulsa Tree Experts to bring deforestation to an end. He added that media houses should also play a role in conveying information to homeowners about deforestation.

"The tree care companies are in a very good position to stop deforestation," said the CEO. "Tulsa Tree Experts have already started the war against deforestation in Tulsa and the entire neighborhood and so should other tree care companies in Oklahoma. The media houses should also intervene and help pass the information on deforestation to as many people as possible."

The CEO revealed that Tulsa Tree Experts had reduced its service charges to make bringing back the removed trees a success. He added that this was made possible by a well-wisher who offered to fund the company.

"The survey findings called for Tulsa Tree Experts to reduce its tree care service charges," revealed the CEO. "All thanks to David, who funded Tulsa Tree Experts to ensure the cost reduction, does not affect the company operations too much. This will enable even struggling homeowners to afford to plant trees and take care of them well making it possible to replace the trees removed through deforestation. Tulsa Tree Experts now hopes to receive millions of tree care and planting requests from homeowners in Tulsa and its suburbs."

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