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Cheatin’ Snakes Unveils Million Dollar Sweatshirt

The Million Dollar Hoodie

The Million Dollar Hoodie

Genius designer manifests the divine and extracts “Million Dollar Sweatshirt” from Ethereal Plane

KANSAS CITY, U.S.A, November 23, 2022 / -- Cheatin’ Snakes Worldwide LLC (@CheatinSnakes) shocked the world with an announcement that they had successfully pierced the veil of human consciousness and made contact with a greater entity from the other side of our Universe.

Along with the keys and secrets to our corporeal world, they were given a design that can only be described as “flawless” and “potentially blinding for non-believers and the uninitiated.”

This design, which took the form of a sweatshirt, is now available on

Specifically here:

There is only one (1).

Given the secrecy surrounding the project, is difficult to discern much detail about the Million Dollar Sweatshirt. However, it is rumored to have been made with the fibrous sinew of a Unicorn’s horn, a lock of Sasquatch’s knuckle hair, and 4” of redacted frames from the Zapruder film.

Until the time comes for it to be bequeathed to its new owner, it is being held in a highly-secure underground facility in the vicinity of Paramus, New Jersey.

When questioned about The Sweatshirt, Cheatin’ Snakes CEO, Grant Kratzer, simply said “Stay tuned. Keep your ears to the ground. And pray.”

Check it out yourself on the Cheatin’ Snakes Website.


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