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Photavia and Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions Team to Deliver Reminisce with Relevance and more

PHOTAVIA and Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions Logos side by side. The "+" symbol in the center is to express the alliance of the two corporations.

Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions (TLS), a global provider of customized solutions for the provision of high-quality Home Care for seniors, has formed a distribution alliance with Photavia®, creators and producers of short films that engage, entertain, educ

This is a still image from a PHOTAVIA short video. This photograph portrays an American sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square in New York City, celebrating the end of World War Two

This is a still frame from a PHOTAVIA short video. This is the first video PHOTAVIA produced as part of the "A Moment in Time" Series. These V-Clips™ are all two minute segments.

This is an image of the TLS Website featuring a photo of the Liberate tablet in someone's hands.

Liberate has been built with everyone in mind. For the elderly audience, our devices are user-friendly. For caregivers and other family members, our solutions offer an elevated sense of control obtained via real-time monitoring and reporting. The systems

Photavia and Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions Announce Alliance

FRANKLIN, WI, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2022 / -- Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions (TLS), a global provider of customized solutions for the provision of high-quality Home Care for seniors, has formed a distribution alliance with Photavia®, creators and producers of short films that engage, entertain, educate, and enhance environments, to deliver their programming to the senior Home Care market.

"When Photavia and Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions were introduced to each other and discussed potentials, we instantaneously knew that our company products would enhance each other’s respective services, and that the unification of both corporations’ efforts was meant to be. Photavia’s input was deemed to enhance Tranquility’s output, as we work jointly to achieve our common goal of developing services that vastly improve senior wellbeing and senior lifestyles.

With a senior market growing in both population size and longevity, providing specific quantifiable goods and services that are directed towards seniors becomes of paramount importance. One aspect of the Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions technology platform that is delivered via its LIBERATE product, is a service designed to promote wellbeing. Therefore, employing Photavia’s videos, designed to promote cognitive engagement and the therapeutic benefits of art, allows for TLS to effectively penetrate the market and in turn, boosts the distribution avenues that Photavia is able to access." – Andy Furlong, CEO of Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions.

“We are biting at the bit to start working with Andy and the Tranquility team” says Joe Hausch, President, and CEO of Photavia. “I keep saying that we just can’t get the good news out fast enough. And now, our wonderful new relationship with Tranquility helps us on our journey to change the world and improve the quality of life for seniors and their families - with an organization that shares our passion and approach.”

Andy Furlong continued, "We are so excited to develop and nurture this collaboration as we address numerous possibilities within this important field. At Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions our focus is all about senior care, senior well-being, and senior lifestyle enhancement. Therefore, when we were introduced to Photavia and their ideologies, we knew that the concept of their product was right for us and that by joining forces, we would strive to empower not only each other, but all of the seniors and their families that we wish to serve."

About TLS:
Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions provides a technology platform that serves both seniors and their caregivers right in the palm of their hands. It is a technology system that links 4D radar sensors to the internet within a senior’s home environment and then pairs them with the mobile devices of family members and caregivers. The system covers multiple areas of senior wellbeing from fall detection to vital sign monitoring through to numerous safety sensors. Their unique approach requires no cameras or listening devices, no wearables and above all, no personal activation. It is a service that ensures privacy and dignity for seniors, alongside of a mindful watchfulness for family members. The algorithms that the TLS platform has put into process sends alerts to the mobile devices of appointed guardians within 90 seconds of an abnormality being detected. This ensures that help can be dispatched in a timely fashion and allows all concerned to be secure in the knowledge that both protectors and those protected, are actively safe with freedom from anxiety.
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About Photavia:
PHOTAVIA® creates time relevant, all-inclusive media experiences via art, part video experience, part education, with a strong and developing neuroscience focus premised on how pleasant thoughts invoked by visual memory triggers can be of therapeutic benefit. Photavia is a Cognitive Engagement and Enhancement Tool™ creating Reminisce with Relevance™ to and for individuals and families dealing with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and PTSD, among others.
G-rated, appropriate for anyone from age 5 to 105, and based on iconic photos from The LIFE Picture Collection™, among others, Photavia’s curations take the viewer on a detailed tour of “Americana” during the 20th Century, while often propelling them in a direction more familiar to their own past and reminiscence.
PHOTAVIA: “The Visual Network” is a digital media company that offers custom productions, distributed directly and through several Hybrid TV platforms. Key markets include - Healthcare, Senior Living, Hospitality, Transportation, Home Caregiving and Education. True “Edutainment” for any family!
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Tranquility Lifestyle Solutions and Photavia