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Jay Modi Amongst Canada’s Top Entrepreneurs, nominated for multiple awards

Jay Modi continues trend amongst Canada's top entrepreneurs

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, August 19, 2022 / -- Calgary entrepreneur, businessman and founder of Alberta’s fastest growing company, Jay Modi has won and been nominated for multiple business awards, continuing his trend amongst Canada’s Top Entrepreneurs.

In addition to being nominated for the KPMG Entrepreneur of the Year award by the Canadian National Business Awards for 2021, Jay also recently won the Business Excellence Award for Fintech and was named the Founder of one of Canada’s Best Businesses by the Canadian Business Review Board.

In a recent interview Jay was asked to give advice to others looking to open a business and how they should go about it if they have little to no experience. “Jump right in” says Jay. “I don’t mean taking undue risks, and I don’t mean sacrificing what’s important to you such as family or spending time with your children, what I mean is don’t procrastinate when it comes to pushing your financial goals and business goals forward. If you have an idea that you love and are certain it will work, then don’t spend all your time asking others what they think about it and just start somewhere. Start developing your idea, start creating marketing materials, buy a domain for your website, build the business plan with a pencil and paper, all of these things can be done for very, very cheap and doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to get a head start on your business idea.” Says Jay. “The most important thing is that you start now, and learn along the way, learn from your mistakes, and above all, stay committed and don’t quit”.

Jay goes on to say that one should not get emotionally tied to their business idea, and that if the “numbers don’t make sense” and if there is no profit margin, then you should look elsewhere for a business idea, something that can provide a healthy profit margin. “After all, you are starting a business to make money, right?” Says Jay.

Jay promotes access to data, teamwork, and human capital as one of the most important aspects that have helped his businesses grow. As a serial entrepreneur since the age of 16, Jay created a household goods trading company while in high school, then moving on to starting an organic pasta company after graduating high school. Jay dropped out of the University of Calgary after attending for 6 months, went on to sell his pasta business and subsequently created a successful real estate business, until 2010 when he expanded the asset management side of his skill set and focused on that industry from 2010 to 2016. During that time Jay also established offices in Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, CA, and was the Executive Producer of approximately 12 movies, some of which became highly popular and are currently streamed on Netflix. Fast forward to today, Jay has invested in and helped build many of Canada’s top performing Financial Technology (FinTech) Platforms and continues to stay focused on the FinTech space where he sees massive growth and opportunity over the next few years.

“The opportunity in any online business has tremendous growth ahead” says Jay. Consumer Behavior has changed since 2019 and is much more focused on utilizing the internet and online services. The growth is here to stay in FinTech and any online business in general” says Jay.

About Jay Modi

Born in London, United Kingdom, Jay Modi moved to Canada in 1997. He attended Western Canada High School in Calgary, Canada, and subsequently went onto the University of Calgary. Jay started his first business, a household goods trading company while he was in high school and went on to creating an Organic Pasta Company while attending the University of Calgary. Jay then launched a real estate “fix and flip” company which subsequently took off and was very successful. Jay now has more than 20 years of business experience under his belt within multiple business sectors. Jay has been involved in Foods Manufacturing, Asset Management, Movie Production, Real Estate and now focuses heavily on the FinTech and Technology Industries.

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