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Alli Releases Guide on How a Nutritious Diet Affects the Brain

How Nutrition Affects the Brain

COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 6, 2022 / -- Alli has released a guide on how nutritious diets can affect the brain. A deficiency in someone’s diet can lead to problems in their brain development that can affect their mental health.

Throughout people’s lifespan, the nutritious foods they eat can benefit the brain and the body. Both work interconnectedly, allowing the body to have energy for moving and daily functions, while the brain uses nutrition for communication and building neuropathways. If there are deficiencies in someone’s diet, it can show in their behaviors or how they feel.

Dr. Carmen Morrison, the founder of Alli, said that implementing a nutritious diet into your lifestyle in incremental steps will create a sturdy foundation for forming habits. It’s not ideal to start with one large goal that someone wants to accomplish in one go, but rather to break it into smaller steps. It allows someone to achieve small goals while moving towards a nutritious diet easily.

When implemented slowly, it allows habit formation where someone doesn’t need to think about eating nutritiously; it will naturally occur. When people eat nutritiously, they will see a difference in body and brain functions. The body will have an easier time competing functions of daily tasks and have energy for fun activities.

It will also help someone’s mental health by creating healthy neuropathways. People with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and more can benefit from eating a well-rounded nutritious diet. When the brain has proper nutrients, it will function better and allow brain chemicals to be released in a regulated manner.

Some foods to include in a nutritious diet consist of:

• Vegetables and fruits
• Whole-grain foods
• Protein foods (nuts, fish, poultry, etc.)
• Limited processed foods

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