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Ergo21 Brings New Dynamics to Travel Cushions with LiquiCell Technology

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Ergo21 travel cushion offers maximum support with its LiquiCell technology, alleviating symptoms of pain and discomfort associated with traveling.

4 PARK NEWPORT, NEWPORT BEACH, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2022 / -- Traveling for a long duration is often associated with sore muscles & cramping, and repeated traveling with a compromised posture can lead to serious problems. There is every chance that people with diagnosed medical conditions, like a history of sciatica, might develop unbearable pain due to their traveling posture. Despite the presence of many luxurious traveling options, the seated position and the sleeping surfaces can create different pressure points while sitting up or lying down. This is why many people prefer carrying their travel pillow. However, all travel cushions are not created equal. Many offer a basic level of support that might not be sufficient when the travel seat puts excessive pressure along the spine or makes the traveler bend or slouch too much.

Ergo21 Travel Cushion offers a solution for such issues with the use of an advanced LiquiCell Technology in its seat cushions. These travel cushions help people avoid soreness and pain associated with sitting for extended hours when traveling. Developed for all age groups and body types, these cushions provide more support than the conventional types of air, foam, or gel cushions.

LiquiCell is a medical technology that protects skin tissues from being stretched and torn. It uses ultra-thin cells that contain liquid that is in constant motion allowing the body to glide. Ergo21 offers two kinds of travel cushions: with a one-inch soft foam on top of the four LiquiCell layers and a travel cushion without foam. This gives people the option of choosing a traveling cushion based on their preferences where some people enjoy the extra padding.

The complications of poor posture include back pain, spinal dysfunction, joint degeneration, rounded shoulders and a potbelly [Source:]

People who need to travel repeatedly can develop symptoms that don’t go away with the use of an ice pack or a hot compress. This is especially true for folks who cover long distances as a part of their daily commute to the workplace or those who often go camping and undertake road trips. Whether it is driving in a personally owned vehicle or using the public transit system, repeatedly traveling in a manner that creates unwarranted pressure along the neck or back area can do more damage than just causing discomfort. The spine's complex system of muscles, joints, and discs is prone to developing chronic problems like numbness and extreme pain if the traveling posture is not corrected.

Ergo21 travel cushion is excellent for people who drive or sit back in a bus, camper, or RV. Designed for all travel requirements, it is easy to carry as a part of the travel luggage, and it can be permanently placed on the driver’s seat.

Experts recommend keeping the back against the chair, or using a backrest or cushion if there are places where the back does not comfortably meet the chair, especially in the lower back region to improve the sitting position [Source:]

People searching for the best seat cushion, or a lumbar cushion should note that a seat cushion should not confine the range of motion. The cushion should complement the anatomy of the body. Its design should be simple enough to stay in place without the need to continuously adjust it. Since traveling conditions can be very different, the cushion should not cause irritation, friction, chafing, or sweating.

The Ergo21 travel cushion is ideal for people with sensitive skin and tissue conditions. It uses a soft-stretch micro fabric on top of four strategically placed LiquiCell membranes to further enhance blood perfusion. The lightweight travel seat cushion helps to reduce the pressure that is often created along the tail bone and other hot spots along the lower back in the seated position. The smooth texture gives a longer, durable performance without irritating the skin.

“Instant relief using ERGO21 I have 1 or 2 of nearly all ERGO21 products; they all help me more than any other back cushion out there. I’m not exaggerating, 2 of 4 surgeons recommend I get a 4 level lumbar fusion (L2-S1). Was injured at age 63, now am a 71 y/o retired orthopedic & rehab RN who knows how to pace myself & mostly do the right things re: pain management.” – Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2022 by Verified Amazon Buyer

Travel cushions often need to perform beyond their intended goal. This is especially true for seniors who might use the travel cushion throughout the day. A lumbar pillow cushion should be able to conform to the spine even when used for extended periods, alleviating the pressure points. The same travel cushion might be used when attending a sports event or when spending hours, seated on the patio seat. The Ergo21 cushion has been designed for such applications.

By cautiously combining the legitimate thickness of polyurethane foam and a layer of LiquiCell Membranes, the Ergo21 travel cushion with foam stands up to such challenges. Its slim form allows people to be seated in their preferred seated position. The sleek design of the lumbar support cushion compliments stadium seats, banquet chairs, couches, and seats found in trucks or SUVs. It is especially beneficial to traveling seniors with its open-cell foam that provides more comfort when compared to bulkier cushions.

The right travel cushion also helps to keep the neck straight, ensuring that the air routes are not blocked, and this can keep away sleep apnea and wheezing. The LiquiCell Coccyx Cushion by Ergo21 offers such benefits apart from alleviating common travel discomforts like tail pain, numbness, and weariness. It is a traveling essential for seniors and for people who are recovering from an injury and those diagnosed with compressed discs, degenerative discs, or coccydynia.

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