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Daily self-care more effective than drugs, therapy & personal development combined

GOLD COAST, QLD, AUSTRALIA, July 7, 2022 / -- Brisbane mother of 3 and entrepreneur Cara Szellemes has turned a year-long self-care challenge into a global movement to inspire 1 Million people to beat anxiety and depression through radical self-care.

Cara, who’s got ADHD and had acute anxiety most of her life is about to celebrate her 365th day, and she says practising daily, intentional self-care has proven more effective for her than years of therapy, drugs and personal development programs combined.

Her experience is in line with a report about to be released by the Global Self-care Federation that supports the role of self-care in improving quality of life and reducing patient and health-system costs.

“It only took one week for my entire experience of life to flip 180 degrees. After hitting severe burnout, I went from having no capacity to support myself to wanting to give a stranger a bunch of flowers at the local shops.

“All I did was one intentional self-care task a day and then I’d share insights about the experience using the hashtag #180selfcare on my Instagram profile.”

Inspired by her journey, others soon joined her quest. Cara started a club on the audio social app, Clubhouse, and she’s about to host her first major online event, the Radical Self-care Summit, featuring high profile keynote speakers from around the world including:

UK TV personality and personal development coach Pete Cohen
World champion boxer Billy Schwer
Australian wellness entrepreneurs, The Merrymaker Sisters, and
UK self-care researcher and sociologist Austen El-Osta

Cara’s aim is to shift the conversation around self-care being this self-indulgent, special thing like a weekend away or a bubble bath.

“Self-care shouldn’t just be for Self-care Days, it should be for every day.

“I started my self-care practice to pull myself together after a number of things went wrong for me and I was stunned at just how much it improved my outlook on life, even during really difficult times.

And that’s putting it lightly. Two weeks into her challenge Cara got the news that a longtime friend had taken his own life and that’s when she resolved to turn her personal challenge into something bigger. Then just another two weeks after that, her partner was killed in a tragic accident.

“When my partner died, it was the worst thing that has ever happened to me. But because I was a month into my challenge and other people were now doing it too, I felt like I couldn’t let them down and I also felt that it honoured my partner best if I continued, as hard as that was. He would have wanted that.

“And to be honest, focusing on one self-care task a day really helped me get through that. It was like an anchor in a storm.”

“Radical self-care is about starting each day with an intention to look after yourself so you also look after others. It’s changed my life and now I want to share that magic with as many people as possible.”

Cara plans to give flowers to random strangers on her 365th day and she has invited others to join her.

The Radical Self-care Summit is on June 24 to 26. Free tickets are available at

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