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Chapter 11 Consultant Retained To Restructure $8M Portfolio

/ Williamsburg, Virginia- August 31, 2011 -- Capital Restructure Group,, a chapter 11 advisor and bankruptcy consulting firm announced today that the firm has been retained to restructure a portfolio of 4 retail properties in Tennessee and Florida.

The portfolio subject to the negotiations consists of retail properties whose cross collateralized loans were accelerated as a result an accounting change effecting the debt service ratio. The bank utilized a technicality in the promissory note to accelerate the maturity date of the loans and to not renew the second position credit line, resulting in a cash shortage and technical default.

Capital Restructure Group was hired as the lead strategist to restructure the debt through its intimate knowledge of the workings of chapter 11 reorganizations and the means of restructuring bank debt over the bank objections.

Capital Restructure Group consists of seasoned developers, investors and businessmen with unique expertise in the complexities of restructuring corporate and real estate debt and who have a client list of real estate investors, developers and business owners nationwide. The Company focus is to take the business issues that make up a chapter 11 bankruptcy or chapter 11 pre-negotiation out of the hands of lawyers, and return the negotiation of the business issues back into the hands of seasoned businessmen, where they belong.

The Company puts an end to the otherwise attorney driven and dominated process of debt restructure negotiations, saving the client time and money in the process. To paraphrase William Shakespeare's "Henry the Sixth", "The first thing we do, let's get rid of all the lawyers."

Capital Restructure Groups philosophy is summed up quite simply: We "battle the banks and reign in the attorneys."

The Company puts an end to the attorney-run process gone amuck. We quarterback the strategy of the negotiations both in and out of chapter 11 as businessmen for businessmen and defang the banks' lawyers and normalize the whole process for you. By contrast, when working through the filter of the banks law firm, the bank will often hear only what the banks lawyer wants them to hear which typically hardens the banks position.

We have written over 300 bankruptcy reorganization plans; moreover as principals, we have successfully restructured our own businesses and real estate projects through chapter 11: We understand every single facet of the process, and will direct the strategy for you, reduce the costs, and not let the lawyers run your life or ruin it.

A properly structured Bankruptcy or the mere threat of properly structured bankruptcy is a potent negotiating strategy that enables you to negotiate from a position of strength to otherwise hostile lenders and financial institutions. A properly structured chapter 11 bankruptcy plan (even in pre-ch-11 negotiation) makes you the 800 pound gorilla in the room, forcing your lenders to deal with you honestly because it moves the leverage to your side of the table.

Most if not all business owners and real estate investors would never have their attorney locate their business opportunity or real estate investment for them, much less analyze its return for them, negotiate its acquisition for them or obtain financing for them. Yet in many instances those same business owners and property owners find themselves turning the keys to their businesses and real estate portfolios over to lawyers who are ill equipped to run a business or to restructure debt or to strategize a chapter 11.

Allowing your lawyer to run a chapter 11 or bankruptcy pre-negotiation is an unsettling feeling where you've lost control. It's like as if you are having an out of body experience, looking down at yourself as you do something that all the while you know you shouldn't do but are doing it anyway because you feel you have no choice.

With Capital Restructure Group at your side, you have a choice: We will save you time, money, and get you back in control of your future, so you can do what you do best, run your company, and leave the lawyers, the bankers and the courtroom strategies to us."

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