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Book Trilogy Explores Meaning of Book of Proverbs

Mary Turkington studies Bible's lessons in "The ABC’s of Proverbs," "Proverbs for the Politically Incorrect," "Proverbs Up Close and Personal"

MARYLAND, April 28, 2022 / -- The Book of Proverbs, as its name suggests, contains biblical wisdom and lessons known to Christians throughout the ages. With her book trilogy, comprised of "The ABC’s of Proverbs – The Word to the Wise," "Proverbs for the Politically Incorrect – The Word to the Wise, Volume 2" and "Proverbs Up Close and Personal – The Word to the Wise, Volume 3,” Mary Turkington explores the book from different angles to find new lessons or new perspectives on the teachings of the Scripture.

Each book approaches Proverbs from a different angle. With "The ABC's of Proverbs," Turkington provides readers with an introduction to the biblical book, with devotional readings that hone in on special subjects. "Proverbs for the Politically Incorrect" is about the importance of seeking wisdom in order to be able to make wise decisions, particularly when discerning between good and evil when determining politically-related decisions. In "Proverbs Up Close and Personal", the real life stories cover a period from 1929 to the current time—almost a century. Yet, the wisdom of Proverbs is as applicable through these years as they were when first written milleniums ago. The personal experiences related in this book were influenced by the wisdom of Proverbs as were the entries in the other books in the trilogy of books. It is hoped that the readers will find them helpful in their own life journeys.

"In all 3 books the connection is made between the Old and New Testament, and often verses in the New Testament are quoted which brings to light our wonderful God of love and justice in both Testaments." Turkington says.

With her books, Turkington wishes to spread the glory of God and Jesus Christ to more followers so that they can praise the Lord and live lives that are honoring to Him. These books make wonderful gifts, individually or as a trilogy for any celebration from birthdays to graduations, from Easter to Christmas. When shared with friends and family, the reader, too, can become a messenger of God’s love and wisdom to those who have a special place in their heart.

About the Author
Mary Turkington is now 88 years old with two daughters who are both married. She has six grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Turkington has taught teenagers in Sunday school for 40 years and then after her husband passed she taught adult Sunday school for around 10 years and continues to do so now. She has been an active lay servant in St. Luke's United Methodist Church in Denton for many years, and currently texts to members of her home Bible Study class daily Bible devotions she prepares each morning based on the “verse for the day” she reads from her Bible App.

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