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Model And Choreographer Tracy Carr Joins Murdercap Records Projects

California native Tracy Carr has signed on to Murdercap Records as its chief choreographer and as a lead model in several of its magazine and television shoots. Ms. Carr, fondly known by the other models as Cali Girl Tracy for her all-California looks and attitude, has designed several salacious and fresh dance routines for the world's most controversial record label.

Photograph of Tracy Carr:

Tracy combines the best of the hip hop world with the best of ballet, salsa, and cheerleading in the commercials for the song "Chinn Chekk" and the music video that goes along with it. Tracy also stars as a cheerleader in the shoot, which is sure to ignite a controversy and set a new standard in the entertainment industry with its heated girl-on-girl dance scenes.

Tracy sees herself as a Renaissance artist in the world of dance and music. "I want to turn up the heat and turn up the respect for the audience, and do it better than anyone else in the industry," says Tracy. Tracy is a walking billboard for all the things right with the industry: she is young, smart, beautiful, and aggressive-always challenging herself to be the best.

Tracy and Murdercap Records CEO Jerome SlikkForDays Almon met in L. A. at the prestigious Beverly Hills Hotel on a photo shoot, which led to Tracy auditioning for a music video as a dancer. Tracy blew away the competition and was signed as the lead dancer, model, and choreographer for 24 music videos and television commercials for the scandalous rap label. Tracy cements herself as an up-and-coming star and as THE choreographer for all things great with the unmatched work in the projects.

Tracy's most anticipated dance routine and appearance comes in the music video "Adidas Rechs" where she is joined by Montreal Bombshell Fashionista and Hip Hop Diva #1 Bajita Singh for a simmering table dancing shoot. Tracy choreographed the heated dance routine that would make any exotic dancer blush. The contrast between the blonde hair blue-eyed all-American Tracy in a skin tight little black dress, and the exotic Bajita Singh in an outfit that she was poured into is every red-blooded male's dream, as they battle it out in the dance-off of dance-offs.

Tracy is scheduled to debut her own perfume, star on the runway for the label's clothing line, do a glamour-filled shoot in Paris, and star in a California billboard campaign in December through 2011.

Tracy's work can be seen on the globe's major entertainment networks beginning late in November, ranging from MTV and VH1 in the US, to 4MUSIC in the UK, and German powerhouse VIVA.


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