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Website to Pinpoint and Document Russian Atrocities

Network Time/Date/Place of Picture Taken

Pinpoint Atrocities Across Ukraine

Global Large Scale Interoperability

Network To Record and Display Crimes Against Humanity

... help Ukraine defenders document and highlight the time, date and location of atrocities”
— Malcolm K. Beyer, Jr. CEO
JUPITER, FL, US, March 15, 2022 / -- Freedom is at the heartbeat of every Ukrainian defender, may they be young or old, male or female, uniformed or civilian. The will to defend and fight for Freedom is something few have seen in the 21st Century. This while foreign invaders have used superior military might to indiscriminately drop bombs and aim missile attacks at unprotected and defenseless hospitals, schools and homes.

In addition to other forms of intelligence that can be provided, AGIS has built a Situational Awareness platform that will allow Ukraine defenders to document and highlight the time, date, location and other pertinent information associated with each of these atrocities on a map so that it can be easily accessed and disseminated. Not only will this help in collecting evidence across the country of Ukraine of the unprovoked aggression, destruction and possible war crimes, but it will help expose in photos and provide narrative detail of the invaders’ unlawful actions.

AGIS is providing this LifeRing software at no cost to Ukraine and other humanitarian and security organizations for collaboration and communication. And now the general population will also have a way to upload all atrocities and tragic events information on a real-time digital network and display the time, date and location of each of these atrocities on a map that can be shared with the world. To use this software system, simply go to

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