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The National Save Our Wild Horses Washington, D.C. Conference and Educational Event is April 26-30, 2022

April 26th - 30th

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Supporters of wild horses will arrive in D.C. this spring to be part of the first ever national week long event for wild horse and burro protections.

Our Save The Wild Horses event is the first of this kind. Our goals include seeing this professional conference become an annual event for advocates of wild equine and wildlife.”
— Cheryl Turner, Save Our Wild Horses

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 17, 2022 / -- In the fall of 2019, while in Washington working to hold off passage of the then proposed Path Forward Plan opposed by many wild horse advocates, Cheryl Turner from California and Linda Greaves from Maryland conceived the idea of a National Wild Horse Conference hoping to organize the event for the spring of 2020. Now, two years later with the COVID pandemic easing, the idea for a national unity conference is a reality. Cheryl Turner, Linda Greaves and Heather Hellyer have organized this national event that’s been designed to bring people together in a professional setting. The conference promotes individuals and groups working in concert to fight for wild horse and burro protections.

The need to take action is one thing all wild horse advocates have in common. Whether participants are an experienced veteran of wild horse advocacy or someone new to the issue and interested in learning how to make a difference, this event will provide what they need to have an impact. Attendees will be able to share personal experiences with one another during the week while attending seminars designed to educate participants and provide them with information they need for their work. Help will be available to set an appointment for lobby participants to meet with their lawmakers while in D.C. The official SOWH Lobby Day is scheduled for April 28th.

The organizers want the event to be inclusive with a respectful and open-minded approach in which all participants come together to discuss common ground issues and potential solutions. The event is educational and collaborative, showcasing Congress members and highly respected expert speakers.

On behalf of the organizers, Cheryl Turner provides the following statement, “We are very excited to present the first professional Save Our Wild Horses and Wildlife event of its kind. We plan for this event to amplify and expand to become an annual occurrence. We will continue to educate the masses and build national awareness of the plight of our wild horses, burros and wildlife due to private interests on public land.”

Discussion topics range from Land Management to Current Laws and Statutes to Wild Horses as an Indigenous Keystone Species in North America. Additional topics are Ecosystems, Round Ups, Financial Impacts and What Happens After the Round Ups, Wild Horses in Films, Rewilding, Rescuing and Sanctuaries. The conference also addresses Actions to Take Now, Advocacy and Effective Communications, Uniting Advocacy, Governance, Compliance & Science Based Data and How to Lobby Effectively along with the Lobby Day on the Hill with participants’ Congressional members.

There will be a Wild Horse and Wildlife Art Show on April 29th from 6pm-9pm at the Yotel Hotel where the conference is being held. The week then ends with an Assembly on the National Mall on April 30th for wild horses, burros and wildlife.

Most all advocates agree that wild horse and burro round ups should cease immediately, that a moratorium should be imposed on all land management activities and that external audits be conducted to understand how to implement policies and procedures that ensure efficiencies with governance and compliance. Most all agree that science based, real data must be defined and used to develop true and professional Acceptable Management Levels (AMLs), Herd Management Areas (HMAs) and Herd Management Area Plans (HMAPs). Then, and only then, establish educated decisions based on hard data and true science.

For people across the country who are working to protect America’s wild horses and burros, the Save Our Wild Horses Conference is an opportunity to come together in the Nation’s Capital to address these issues. Supporters will take part in this week long educational event then assemble at the National Mall on Saturday, April 30, for a rally and to gain attention from lawmakers, the media and the public about the concerns wild horse supporters have regarding the Wild Horse and Burro Program.

The public is invited to participate in these pre-conference actions:

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For additional information, please contact Cheryl Turner, Save Our Wild Horses, Organizer, at 714-457-2958.

Co-written by Donna Brorein, AEA Advocacy News and Cheryl Turner, Save Our Wild Horses. Published by American Equine Awareness. AEA can be contacted at


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