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"2022 will be the Year of the Woman," says tech-startup Mentor Her

Mentor Her Founder Katie Doyle

Katie Doyle, founder of Mentor Her with Best-Start Up Award

Mentor Her Logo

Mentor Her Logo

Mentor Her Supporting Women Through Connection

Women Helping Women

After almost two tumultuous years of the pandemic, the Irish-born company with an international base is helping women come back stronger in the new year.

Hundreds of women have already joined us and we are all brought together by one decisive truth: it's time to get back to business.””
— Katie Doyle, founder of Mentor Her

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 1, 2021 / -- With one month to go before January, tech start-up Mentor Her announces that next year will be the Year of the Woman. The pandemic might have disproportionately affected women's representation in the workplace, but it's not too late to reverse that fact and come back stronger than ever.

Before Covid-19, women were finally beginning to make waves in professional spheres, representing a larger share of leadership and C-suite roles in multinational companies around the world. But post-pandemic, the progress women have made is slowly beginning to unwind.

According to McKinsey’s 2021 Women in the Workplace report, 1 in 3 women are considering downshifting their career, with 55% percent of women in leadership roles reporting burnout at work. Alongside International Labour Organisation statistics reporting that, while men are expected to return to full employment post-pandemic, an estimated 13 million women will not return to work at all. The pandemic affected women most grievously around the world with women occupying almost eighty-percent of customer-facing roles, in retail and hospitality that were closed during lockdowns. Alongside this, many women left work to take up childcare responsibilities at home with school shutdowns. Pandemic fatigue has made many unmotivated to return to professional careers but Mentor Her is on a path to change this.

The tech-start up runs an international and award-winning six-week program, connecting female Mentors and Mentees across a range of industries and over thirty countries. The categories include helping women get their career back on the right track, beginning or scaling a business, and personal development. Each Mentee meets with a hand-matched Mentor on Zoom for one hour a week, supported by expert material on a range of topics, networking calls and workshops led by established names in business, and a community online. Mentors sign up from a range of industries, from leading entrepreneurs to life coaches, C-suite executives in LinkedIn, Google and Facebook among the represented multinationals and many, many more. As a result of the program, women have launched small to medium businesses around the world, with many other Mentees citing their Mentor as having a direct result in driving them to receive promotions and higher earnings.

For their three missions for 2022, Mentor Her wants to reverse the damage caused by the pandemic and have women come back to the table in leadership and entrepreneurial fields. For women who are burning out at work, Mentor Her’s program will be focused on self-development, improving skills to handle a balance between personal and professional life. On a program run by leading life coaches, each Mentee will get a female Mentor who understands her position and a program based around goal setting, accountability, mindset, and lifestyle.

To bring women back to the workforce, Mentor Her’s career and small business program will help women find out what they want and need to do next in their professional lives. Matched with a Mentor who understands either their industry and career role, or their small business product or service, Mentees will be encouraged to demand more, rise higher and get ahead– with an uplifting community of other ambitious professionals to support them.

Finally, to tackle the lack of retention of female talent, Mentor Her will work with companies with an internal corporate program led by the Mentor Her team. The corporate program involves a deep dive on staff experiences to identify problems women are facing in their organisation, a Mentor/Mentee matching facility and a customised program for six months alongside workshops led on the topics of Empowerment, Growth, Motherhood and more by leading speakers.

Mentor Her says that by bringing women together as Mentees and Mentors from around the world, with different backgrounds and experiences, they can establish a world where women support one another at every level. This phenomenon will be the turning point to help women get back on track for their professional and personal lives in the new year.

Katie Doyle, founder of Mentor Her, says:

“The pandemic has taken a lot from us, but it’s not time to give up. Especially not when we’ve worked so hard for equality in the workplace and made so much progress the last number of years. This is a prime opportunity for women to support women. If we have each other's backs, we can lift each other upwards and move forward together. Our company has been building a community throughout the pandemic, and we continue to grow our base of Mentors and Mentees from around the world. We are all brought together by one decisive truth: it's time to get back to business.”

The next program beginning January 10th 2022 is open for any woman to join as a Mentee or Mentor, with applications taking less than 10 minutes to complete.

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