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Immigrant woman launches sustainable, affordable fashion e-commerce hub.

Marialuisa Garito ~ Photo Credit : Roy Niederhoffer

New York, NY –– Affordable Chic is an e-commerce brand with a mission: to bring back quality, beautiful clothes at affordable prices.

Affordable is the New Chic!”
— Marialuisa Garito
NEW YORK CITY, NY, USA, November 18, 2021 / -- Marialuisa Garito moved to the United States from Italy in 2008 and was appalled at the culture of fast fashion. “In Europe, women of a wide range of financial backgrounds can afford gorgeous, quality items. Why isn’t it possible here?” She said.

Affordable Chic works with small designers and keeps a limited inventory to prevent the astronomical waste for which the fashion industry is infamous. Because Affordable Chic emphasizes timeless style, there’s no need to cycle through thousands of units of the latest trends.

“You don’t find quality products for reasonable prices anymore,” Garito says. “Everybody wants to produce as much as possible for the highest profit margin. The result is an economy built around cheaply made, mass-produced products.”

Garito’s goal is to create a space online for women who want to wear luxury clothing, but refuse to devote such a high percentage of their income to their style. That money, Garito believes, should go to charity, family, and fun.

“Clothes are meant to be lived in,” she said. “What’s the sense of a beautiful blouse if you can’t afford to create meaningful memories in it?”

Affordable Chic is a modern agora founded by women, for women. We don’t sell what we wouldn’t wear. Carefully curated and beautifully made, Affordable Chic is committed to selling great clothes for under $100.

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