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Joe Biden should appoint special envoy to Tibet

Pragmatic and acceptable solution for the problem of Tibet and role of USA

DHARAMSHALA, HIMACHAL PRADESH, INDIA, April 16, 2021 / -- Mr. Lopsang Sangvay (President in Exile for Tibet) in an interview with director of Centre for peace and justice (JKCPJ) Mr. Nadir Ali answered numerous questions on prevailing situation in Tibet and discussed about the pragmatic and acceptable solution for the problem of Tibet. The long-lasting peace and prosperity for Tibet in his opinion can only be achieved only by seeking the middle way policy as suggested by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.

He (Mr. Lopsang Sangvay) opined about the need for building representation for Tibet from among the Tibetan; the oppressed need to stand up to the oppressor and be the front runner for their cause, which makes it necessary that the Tibetans be educated about the policy implementation in Tibet and its impact; whatever information available and circulated has to be based on the factual data. Tibetan language, ecology, religion and cultural is completely different from the mainland China and thus needs to be preserved. The role of democratic powers is quintessential in that regard, it is the responsibility of nations like USA, UK, Canada, France and others to protect and preserve the cultural assimilation as practiced in Tibet. Tibetans have raised their concerns about the growing injustice in Tibet and have been for 60 years now demanding justice vis a vis civil, political and economic. we want the Tibet issue be resolved according to the aspirations of the people of Tibet and thus are willing to adopt the middle way policy. We, the Tibetans are not talking about the past and we are not here to discuss about the history of Tibet and China, we want a peaceful and meaningful settlement of Tibet in accordance to the aspirations of Tibet, a settlement which will be acceptable and beneficial for both China and Tibet.

In response to a question posed on the role of USA towards resolving Tibet issue, Mr. Lopsang Sangvay said, “ Tibet has been for 60 years now struggling for securing the rights, in the past we have seen very little being done for Tibet, however recently we have seen that Tibet issue is gaining coverage across the world mainly because of the information and reports coming out of Tibet. The USA in response to the gross human rights violations and cultural assimilation have recently passed the policy Act in support of Tibet cause, and the same has been a source of Hope for Tibetans across the globe. However, the job is not done yet, in my humble opinion, USA being the world leader should appoint an envoy to Tibet. This would not only be helpful in accessing the ground situation but will in future play a pivotal role in arriving at a solution acceptable to all. There is always something that could be done in spite of the complex power dynamics and prejudices; looking beyond and seeking the pragmatic solution is the only way forward. USA under the president Biden administration should be the torch bearer for the cause of Tibet, and urge the world leaders for working towards the amicable solution for the Tibet. Instead of waiting for the inevitable catastrophe to happen, it is wise to work towards preventing it. USA can play an active role in taking confidence building measures for acceptance of middle way solution as suggested by His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. If USA were to succeed in building the confidence it would mean a world of difference for Tibet. Tibetans will get to play the part in shaping their destiny. The freedom of following their religion, preserving the language and culture and preventing and conserving their ecology which is closely associated with religion.

Mr. Lopsang Sangvay also urged the international community to come forward for the Tibet cause and build towards arriving at an amicable solution. He also pointed that it is the responsibility of all the peace-loving nations across the globe to help the people of Tibet. The democratic powers across the globe can adopt the similar the resolutions in support of Tibet. He also said that China being the super power should act with responsibility and if it has to declare its position on the world stage it should in the least settle the long pending issues within its own borders first. The Policy Act bill in support of Tibet if passed by the parliaments of democratic nations will make it imperative for the Chinese Govt. to work towards the peaceful settlement and a respectable resolution of Tibet for Tibetans. The countries have to look beyond the interests and prejudices, and have to act with responsibility especially the USA since it is the only power in the world which can question China on its Tibet stand. Appointing and sending the envoy will not only boost the Tibetans and give them a new hope but it will also send a clear message to china that the peaceful solution is an implicit condition for the prosperity of all.

I am very optimistic about the future and I am sure that with the blessings of His Holiness, the Dalai lama, we will be successful in our pursuit towards building a peaceful and prosperous Tibet as envisioned by Him. I am hopeful that the world community will continue to support Tibet and Tibetans for their legitimate struggle for prosperous and safe future.

Nadir Ali Wani
Center for Peace and Justice
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