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The Magical Creativity of Soliloque – Blueprint for the Technological Singularity Demonstrated by “Invention on Demand.”

Soleil is an "Invention On Demand" partnership program that demonstrates the creative capabilities of "Soliloque - Blueprint for The Technology Singularity."

TAICHUNG, TAIWAN, April 10, 2021 / -- deRaconteur is proud to announce Soleil, an "Invention On Demand" partnership program that demonstrates the creative capabilities of "Soliloque - Blueprint for The Technology Singularity."

The linguistic engine of Soliloque is capable of computerizing creativity and problem-solving by manipulating text and abstracting AGI logic from it. Additionally, the data structure of Soliloque that allows it to augment human intellect provides the additional dots needed to make unexpected connections efficiently. Soliloque uses these techniques to manifest "Invention On Demand" with surprising ease and speed, even with conditions and resource constraints.

Soleil is capable of delivering creative results on five different levels, depending on the circumstances and requirements:
Repurpose - invent new purposes for existing machinery, technology, and talents with zero or minor modifications. Time required: two weeks.

Cluster - invent multiple iterations for financial and environmental sustainability in an existing industry, built from scratch with local sources and talents. Time required: two weeks per iteration.
Category - invent a brand new class of products based on provided constraints. Time required: two months.
Industry - invent a brand new industry based on available assets. Time required: three months.
Paradigm - invent a disruptive shift in conceptual approach to an existing product, industry, or concept. Time required: three to six months.

The benefits of these creative results range from:
expanding the potentials of existing technology and associated talents
discovering new utility and economic values for previously unused natural resources
improving the financial efficiency and gains of technologies by the expansion of utility values, instead of resorting to labour exploitation
providing creative solutions to humanitarian efforts
reviving sunset industries
Soleil is a global partnership program for deRaconteur to continuously monitor and course-correct the long-term validity and viability of the results it produces. The priority and preference, for now, go to attracting a greater variety of challenges, technologically and geographically.

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