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FieldsManager Q4 Release Update

Smarter & Interactive Sports and Recreation Fields

New Features update on FieldsManager Platform

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2021 / -- BizCloudExperts continues to invest into our flagship SaaS platform offering - FieldsManager. As the impact of Covid-19 pandemic reduces we expect to see an increase in outdoor sports and recreational activities. Our investments in the platform are aligned to help improve utilization of the sports fields and recreation assets by simplifying user experience and improving collaboration. Here are a few updates we have made to the platform in Q4 2020.

AWS Marketplace Subscription:
● Subscribe/Unsubscribe to FieldsManager directly from AWS Marketplace
● FieldsManager Bill is now integrated into your AWS Bill
● Free Tier is available on AWS Marketplace

User Experience Enhancements:
● User Activity Status - Users can now have information on when they last accessed their account.
● Reservation Reminders - Users will now receive reminders about their upcoming reservations.
● Reservations Count : Users/Admins can now see a status count of all the slots that are either in booked state, pending state or available state.

Admin Experience Enhancements:
● Admin users can now view the entire Summary from the Summary Tab.
● Admin users now receive notifications for different pending tasks on their end like Reservation Requests, Custom Slot Requests etc.
● Role Switch - Admins were not allowed to reserve available reservation slots. Now Admins can switch role to "users" and then make a reservation for themselves like any other user.

Reservation/Booking Enhancements:
● Information Only - This is for users to have a visibility of all the games that are happening around them. The goal is to avoid conflicts and increase participation
● First Come First Serve Fields - These are ground that only allow first come first serve. They are not reserve-able. You can show your intent to play so as to avoid conflicts. FieldsManager is attempting to enable an honor system for the playing community.
● Bulk Reservation Available Slots Upload - Organizations can now upload the entire schedule and host it on FieldsManager. Simplifies availability management

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