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A New, One of a kind, Opportunity to Start your Career at the Untied Nations named: The New York Graduate Plan Online

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the New York Graduate Plan Online logo, this logo shows the book for learning and the peace dove when you learn about how to build your future, the path becomes clearer.

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A Student team at the united nations working in first commettee on Dismarment.

Nonviolence International New York & the United Nations Institute of Research and Development (UNITAR) Launch Joint Program the New York Graduate Plan Online

NEW YORK, USA, December 10, 2020 / -- Nonviolence International New York & the United Nations Institute of Research and Development (UNITAR) Launch Joint Program the New York Graduate Plan Online

Students considering becoming diplomats or working in the International Community will now have a new resource available that can be a life path changing experience, the New York Graduate Plan.

“Welcome to Nonviolence International New York, and welcome to Civil Society at the United Nations.” Joshua Kirshbaum, Executive Director of Nonviolence International New York explains to a crowd of youth leaders over a group zoom chat. “This is your first day as professionals within the international community” another beta program run with students around the world through the digital platform, each block filled with eager faces, Joshua continues to introduce their tasks, and the program leadership finally concluding with “Welcome to the New York Graduate Plan Online!”

The New York Graduate Plan Online is an exciting joint initiative that seeks to build college and graduate students with a passion for peacebuilding and international affairs into future diplomats. The program is an educational collaboration of Nonviolence International New York and the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR). The New York Graduate Plan will provide students with lessons and instructions from UN diplomats in diplomatic training sessions, allow them to learn how to master the art of peacebuilding in special workshops run by the experts at Nonviolence International New York and have the chance to engage in digital fieldwork with Non-profits at the United Nations. It’s quite clear this program is one of a kind and represents a remarkable opportunity for graduate students.

Jarrett Davis, who attended the one beta form of this program in 2019, after over six years of experience in some of the more volatile sections of Cambodia and the Philippines, said in a five-star review, “I think, If I had had the opportunity earlier in my career to join a program like Nonviolence International's, I feel like I would have been put in sort of an express track, to learning some of those perspectives and experiences.”

The program is held online via a combination of Zoom meetings and online Class platforms and consists of over 300 hours of intensive training. This structure not only safeguards students' and instructors' health during this time but also significantly reduces costs for most who attend, removing their need to travel to and stay in NYC.

“This is a passion project for everyone involved. This collaboration with UNITAR hopes to give each student real, lasting value out of it,” commented Joshua Kirshbaum from Nonviolence International New York. “After the program students will have the tools they need to pursue positions within the United Nations and throughout the international community.”

Michael Gelb, who attended one of the beta programs in 2018, advises future students, "You'll be working with and watching the biggest fighters for peace and human rights. Learn everything you can from these people, ask questions, talk to delegations when you can, start a project, and go a little outside your comfort zone. Not many people can say they have real experience in an UN-accredited organization."

The intensive training hours, however, are just the beginning. With over 30 organizations around the world lending their expertise via workshops and lectures, the students will have the opportunity to walk away with a network of connections, and the tools to utilize their new resources to accelerate their careers.

The Program is not full but is filling fast and launches officially in January of 2021

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