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James Hardy Attorney Connecticut Makes Big Business Changes in 2020

James Hardy Attorney CT

James Hardy Attorney CT

STAMFORD, CT, USA, June 26, 2020 / -- James Hardy Attorney Connecticut has made changes to the offerings at his law firm recently. One of the major changes is that he has begun to provide alternative dispute resolution services. James Hardy Attorney Connecticut now also acts as a mentor to lawyers who have just graduated from law school.

How James Hardy Attorney Connecticut Works Hard

James Hardy Attorney Connecticut has always been a hard worker. Most notably, he is a member of two bar associations (Massachusetts and Connecticut). He has been recognized by and for his successes with many clients in Stamford, CT.

James Hardy Attorney CT also has a Bachelor's degree in Finance which gives him a unique background and expertise to be able to provide legal services for individuals who have been accused of committing white-collar crime. In fact, James Hardy Attorney Connecticut expanded to include such services just this year.

The Appeal of James Hardy Attorney Connecticut Offering Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution has a ton of benefits. For instance, it helps the parties to save money and the frustration of having to appear in court. It tends to go more smoothly as there are fewer complications and time spent waiting to get a court date in the first place. This is an ideal option for people who are likely to settle their differences and come to some sort of agreement out of court, even if it's not exactly what they wanted to come out of the proceedings.

Another plus to alternative dispute resolution is that it helps people move on faster. There's a greater sense of finality to the decisions that are made during the arbitration. This is beneficial to everyone involved, for the most part.

Arbitration is not conducted by James Hardy Attorney Connecticut in Stamford, Connecticut. Instead, this is handled by a third-party who doesn't have any prior connection to the case. However, he would discuss with the other party's attorney to find a suitable arbitrator.

Mentorship by James Hardy Attorney Connecticut of Stamford, CT

Another area that James Hardy Attorney Connecticut is proud to get more involved in is mentoring. He will be giving advice and guidance to individuals who recently have graduated from law school. He hopes to impart some wisdom that will make it an easier transition into the "real world" of working in the legal field. Since he's had strong mentors along the way, this is something that makes perfect sense to do. All in all, it looks like James Hardy Attorney Connecticut will get to use the discipline and integrity he's learned from his years serving in the military along with working as a lawyer.

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