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Las Vegas Leads The Crowd For American Business Growth Following The SEC Ruling

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, August 3, 2013 / -- Many are set to learn how to utilize the new SEC ruling and successfully crowdfund to potentially get some of the estimated $300 billion of investment capital.

Crowdfunding has been an effective model for individuals and businesses, seeking capital for a variety of projects and ventures; such as: political campaigns, disaster relief, independent music and film ventures, start-ups, inventions, etc… Those seeking funds use a platform which allows them to announce their goal, and receive small contributions from many parties interested in financing their specific project or venture. Although, there are different types of crowdfunding, the most popular are Rewards and Donation-based; fund seekers (issuers) only offer non-equity gifts and rewards (free copies, honorary mentions, t-shirts, etc…) in exchange for contributions.

However, with overwhelming bipartisan support and efforts from crowdfunding pioneers, like Las Vegas-based
Ruth E. Hedges, creator of , the move to lift some restrictions and to remove the ban on “general solicitation” has been successful. The SEC finally adopted proposed rules that would implement Title II of the JOBS Act and provide significant changes in the way entrepreneurs and small businesses raise capital in private equity transactions. With the SEC ruling published in the Federal Register, starting September 23rd, businesses who comply with the rules of Title ll will be allowed to advertise, market, and publicly disclose the fact that they are fundraising. In addition, accredited Investors can receive securities (or equity) for their investment.

“This opens up a world of opportunities for American businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs; new investment opportunities for more than 8.7 million accredited investors and millions of startups and small businesses seeking capital.” said Ruth E. Hedges. “And, in order to utilize the new funding advantages, individuals must fully understand the crowdfunding process and how to prepare their business for these investors”. In fact, it is projected that the new laws will eventually help release $300 billion dollars of investment capital for issuers. Understanding its relevance and value to our economic growth, UNLV introduced a two-day course on equity crowdfunding with a certificate of completion and CEU credits, led by Ruth E. Hedges, July 12th and 13th; marked as the first crowdfunding class offered by an American university.

How does a first-timer choose the best platform for their project? How does a business seeking capital build a crowd? Why do investors want to participate in the crowdfunding model? What do I need to do to raise capital by crowdfunding? How can I increase my chances of reaching my capital goal with crowdfunding? These are some of the many questions that Ruth E. Hedges answers while teaching a class, lectures or leading a Webinar. In addition to speaking face-to-face and online to help fund seekers, Ruth created, a cloud-based planning tool and reporting system that meticulously guides subscribers through every step necessary to prepare their business for crowdfund investors, along with assuring it is SEC compliant.

However, one of the most helpful and effective means for sharing the crowdfunding benefits, requirements, procedures and strategies is during the Las Vegas-born Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp. The event began last year, and was notably the largest crowdfunding event in the world. Like many other industries who have made Las Vegas their conference hub, crowdfunding investors and seekers, experts and enthusiasts, and inquisitive participants from all over the world attend to network, and provide, exchange and receive current industry information and tips from the people who have designed and shaped the business model, and who have successfully grown with and from the industry.

This year, the 2nd Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp will take place at the M Resort Spa and Casino, October 14th - 16th. Because of the new ruling, this event will bring an increased amount of worldwide attendees, putting Las Vegas in the forefront of the crowdfunding movement. As Ruth E. Hedges explains, “This is a historical change for crowdfunding, and the 2nd Annual Global Crowdfunding Convention and Bootcamp is here at the best time for all; namely: entrepreneurs ready to start a business, business owners who need to sustain or expand, social media service providers, lawyers, C.P.A.’s and other financial professionals who can provide accurate and detailed information to their clients; leaders, staff and decision makers of for-profit and non-profit organizations, and new/potential investors.”

All attendees will learn everything they need to know about crowdfunding, all of the advantages of the SEC ruling and how to utilize them, along with the most effective platform, plan and strategy to build their success from crowdfunding. A well-informed crowd will leave this Las Vegas event; ready and able to get funded...ready to grow their business…live their American dream.

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