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A Meticulous Review of the current Hydrologic Practices on the earth - OMICS Group Life Science Conferences

2nd International Conference on Hydrology & Groundwater Expo 2013

2nd International Conference on Hydrology & Groundwater Expo during August 26-27, 2013 at Raleigh NC, USA

HENDERSON, NV, USA, July 25, 2013 / -- Water is one of the most essential elements of life, and 70% of the protoplasm in a human cell consists of water. It is no wonder that water resources are the most essential human life to fulfill physiological and day-to-day needs.

At a time when the ground water levels are a great concern, OMICS Group geared to the occasion by announcing its 2nd International conference on 'Hydrology and Ground Water Expo "The theme of the conference befits well into the modern needs of hydrology, as "An Exhaustive Review of the Current State of Hydrologic Practice".

The event witnesses participation of individuals with expertise in optimum usage of water resources and generation and conservation of hydrologic energy. Several experts ponder on the needs of quenching thirst and essential water-based needs for the ever-growing human population.
Various sessions in terms of sharing knowledge to be presented at the 2nd International Conference on

Hydrology & Groundwater Expo include
1. Hydrology
2. Hydrogeology
3. Geosciences and Geophysics
4. Water Pollution
5. Water Quality
6. Waste Water Treatment
7. Modelling of Watershed Systems
8. Hydrology Current Research

Prominent speakers lined up to enlighten the audience at the meet include
Quinton White A, Jacksonville University USA
Anthony D Wright, University of Hawaii at Hilo USA
Paul V Zimba, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, USA
Yusuf G.(Debo) Adewuyi, North Carolina A&T State University USA

The exhibitors participating at the Groundwater expo 2013 would display several posters and prototypes for conservation of water and management of water resources.
The abstracts presented at the hydrology conference are indexed into the associated special issues of the respective journals which include the journal of hydrology, the journal of geophysics and remote sensing, and the journal of geology and geosciences.

The past International Conference on Hydrology & Ground Water delved into a range of topics among researchers from various parts of the world to deliberate on new avenues in hydrology. The Hydrology-2012 event proved to be a source of knowledge sharing and its applications involved in Hydrology. The conservation and wise use of water resources is pivotal in fulfilling needs of water consumption and maintaining the water equilibrium of the overall ecosystem. Hydrology-2012 opened new ideas and introduced modern techniques involved in Hydrology contributed by researchers and water scientists from various institutes, in addition to geoscientists.

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