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European Technical Coatings Congress (ETCC) 2018

Date: 26-Jun-18 to 29-Jun-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
ETCC 2018 will be unique because for the first time this congress will be co-organized by the FATIPEC, OCCA and CoSI. (link to new section with logos and names) This promises to bring together knowledge from all over the world, covering the latest developments in paint, paint raw materials as well as the most recent progress in coatings science and technology. ETCC 2018 offers an interesting platform for technicians and scientists, active in the world of coatings: raw materials suppliers, coatings companies, universities and research institutes. ETCC 2018 will take place at the “Beurs van Berlage”. This beautiful building dating from 1903 is a highlight in the works of H.P. Berlage and is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. In addition the many historic halls and rooms ...

HackerX - Amsterdam (Full-Stack) Employer Ticket - 6/26

Date: 26-Jun-18 to 26-Jun-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Hiring developers is hard. HackerX is an invite-only recruiting event for developers in 120+ cities globally and has a community of over 100+ members. We've hand picked and recruited some of the top developers in your city so you don't have to. Meet face-to-face with qualified and screened developers and make your next great hire.

Electric and Hybrid Marine World Expo Conference Amsterdam

Date: 27-Jun-18 to 29-Jun-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Conference 2017, which takes place in the integral part of Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from 06 - 08 June, is the world’s only international conference exclusively dedicated to electric and hybrid marine propulsion systems, technologies and components. More than 50 of the world’s leading experts will present technical papers on latest and next-generation technology that will power ships of the future. With significant reductions in emissions and fuel costs, lower maintenance costs, lowered vibration levels, less noise, and a host of other benefits for the global marine industry, Electric & Hybrid Marine World Expo Conference is a must-attend event for ship owners, ship builders, naval architects and ship ...

Maritime & Naval Test and Development Symposium in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date: 27-Jun-18 to 29-Jun-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Maritime & Naval Test & Development Symposium is the world’s only conference dedicated to discussing the latest and next-generation validation tools and techniques designed to help guarantee the durability, performance and sea-worthiness of new vessels of all sizes, including their onboard systems and new components. This unique conference will also discuss innovative testing and simulation tools that can reduce product development cycles, plus techniques to reduce product failure and ensure optimum operational efficiency, reliability and safety. Leading test and certification experts from around the world will present exclusive papers and participate in lively debate about how component and complete vessel performance can be improved through the application of advanced ...

Marine Maintenance World Expo 2017 - RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands - 6-8 June

Date: 27-Jun-18 to 29-Jun-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Marine Maintenance World Expo and Conference is the world's only international event dedicated to discussing the very latest and next-generation technologies, tools, and techniques for improving fleet operations, ship maintenance, and repairs to marine vessels and onboard systems. You will find the latest technologies and service providers in the exhibition and the conference will discuss and debate everything from the latest remote ship diagnostics and condition monitoring technology, in-situ repairs, planned maintenance, to dry dock planning and ship repair and the latest technology for ship repair yards.

Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Date: 27-Jun-18 to 29-Jun-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
The Autonomous Ship Technology Symposium brings together ship designers, fleet owners, naval architects, classification societies, equipment manufacturers and maritime research organisations to discuss and debate the technological, regulatory and legal developments necessary to make autonomous and unmanned ships a reality. This three-day conference covers not only the challenges of testing and developing autonomous maritime technology, but also the legal implications, the potential economic benefits for fleet owners, safety and security issues and, most importantly, how to develop a universal regulatory framework. Leading experts from around the world will present their views and current findings, leading to a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and network with this pioneering ...

IoT Tech Expo Europe 2018

Date: 27-Jun-18 to 28-Jun-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Europe’s leading IoT event series; the IoT Tech Expo will bring together key industries from across Europe and beyond for 2 days of top level content and discussion. Introducing and exploring the latest innovations within the Internet of Things and covering Manufacturing, Transport, Health, Logistics, Insurance, Retail, Government, Utilities and Automotive, this conference is not to be missed. 3 co-located events. 15 conference tracks. 8,000 attendees. 300+ speakers. 300+ exhibitors. The IoT Tech Expo Europe, taking place on the 27-28 June 2018 in the RAI, Amsterdam will showcase the most cutting edge technologies from more than 300 exhibitors and provide insight from over 300 speakers sharing their unparalleled industry knowledge and real-life experiences, in addition to hosting 2 ...

Artificial Intelligence Conference & Exhibition, RAI, Amsterdam, June 2018

Date: 27-Jun-18 to 28-Jun-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
The high-level conference will bring together forward thinking brands, market leaders, AI evangelists and hot start-ups to explore and debate the advancements in Artificial Intelligence and the impacts within the Enterprise & Consumer sectors. Topics covered include Business Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, AI Algorithms, Data & Analytics, Virtual Assistants & Chatbots as well as case study based presentations proving an insight into the deployment of AI across different verticals. The AI Expo will bring together over 2,000 visitors over the two days including IT decision makers, developers & designers, heads of innovation, brand managers, data analysts and scientists, start-ups and innovators, tech providers and venture capitalists. The AI Expo will be ...

Blockchain Expo Europe 2018

Date: 27-Jun-18 to 28-Jun-18
Location: Amsterdam / Netherlands
Blockchain Expo Europe arrives in RAI Amsterdam on June 27-28 2018, for two days of content exploring the impact and potential of blockchain technologies. The event is designed to explore key industry verticals, including logistics and supply chain, energy and utilities, finance, and entertainment. Among the conference tracks offered is Blockchain for Business and Transforming Financial Services, which explore the practical applications of blockchain in industries. Other tracks include ICOs and Cryptofinance, and Blockchain Technologies. The line-up of confirmed speakers includes thought-leaders from a broad range of sectors, including senior representatives from Energy Web Foundation, Rabobank, DHL, 9Spokes and Swarm Foundation. Find out more, and register for your place, at https://...