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Denver Celebrates Corporate Wellness at 2017 Fall Fit Company Challenge

Teams from companies in Denver show the impact of their wellness programs by training for and conquering a 3-course fitness challenge hosted by Fit Company

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, October 6, 2017 / -- On September 23, 2017 participants from companies located in the Denver area took part in the Fit Company Challenge, a corporate wellness event hosted by the Fit Company Institute. The challenge provided area companies an opportunity to come together as a team and spend a morning exercising, pushing their physical and mental limits and showing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Companies split their team into squads of 3 to 4 people who worked together to complete a variety of fitness stations to challenge their fitness level and earn points for their company. Teams chose what level to go through each course which allowed participants of all fitness levels to push their physical fitness without going too far out of their comfort zone.

In the inaugural Denver event, Vivax Pros came out strong with 7 squads and took the top spot in the Large Team Division. From Vivax Pros team captain Manisha Haywood, “We at Vivax really think the overall wellbeing of our employees is very important. I am their Health Coach on staff here and I coach 3 CrossFit Style classes every day during the week at our Company gym "The Therapy Box". And that is free for all employees. I also offer any nutritional guidance they need. By taking part in the Fit company Challenge - we had a goal to aim towards and got people excited to work out!”

Hunter Douglas Window Fashions took the top spot in the highly competitive Small Team division in the inaugural Denver Challenge. From Hunter Douglas team captain Sarah Wilkinson, “Here at Hunter Douglas taking some time during our day to exercise helps keep us motivated and keeps things fun! Having the opportunity to represent our company, challenge ourselves, and participate in a friendly competition wasn't something we were going to miss! This was a great event that every participant enjoyed and can't wait to compete in again!”

On event date, volunteers assisted the contenders through the courses from The Rebel Workout (, and Blunt Force Training ( Participants challenged their strength, conditioning, power, agility, and ended with a test of endurance to show their companies and colleagues that they practice what they preach. Participants used their involvement to bring out company team members, and family members to cheer them on and promote the importance of having fun and effective corporate wellness programs at their companies.

The challenge was held at Crescent Park, located a short drive from downtown Denver.

The following is a list of the top finishers in Denver that participated in the 2017 Fit Company Challenge:

Fit Company Fittest Awards

Large Division
1) Vivax Pros

Small Division
1) Hunter Douglas Window Fashions
2) MKK Consulting Engineers (Tie)
2) Swiftpage (Tie)
4) AllHealth Network
5) Applewood Plumbing

Micro Division
1) Ideas Made Measurable
2) Oakwood Homes
3) Red Door Interactive
4) Elevations Credit Union
5) Farm Plus Financial

Top Teams Overall
1) Vivax Pros - #1547
2) Vivax Pros - #1546
3) Vivax Pros - #1550
4) Vivax Pros - #1545
5) Ideas Made Measurable - #1534
6) Oakwood Homes - #1526
7) Ideas Made Measurable - #1535
8) MKK Consulting Engineers - #1524
9) AllHealth Network - #1539 (Tie)
9) Hunter Douglas Window Fashions - #1542 (Tie)
9) Vivax Pros - #1544 (Tie)

Top Teams By Course

Course 1 – Level 2
1) Vivax Pros - #1547
2) Vivax Pros - #1546
3) Vivax Pros - #1545
4) Vivax Pros - #1550

Course 1 – Level 1
1) Ideas Made Measurable - #1535
2) Ideas Made Measurable - #1534
3) Elevations Credit Union - #1530
4) MKK Consulting Engineers - #1524

Course 2 – Level 2
1) Vivax Pros - #1545
2) Vivax Pros - #1550
3) Vivax Pros - #1546
4) Vivax Pros - #1547

Course 2 – Level 1
1) Ideas Made Measurable - #1534
2) Ideas Made Measurable - #1535
3) Applewood Plumbing - #1533
4) MKK Consulting Engineers - #1524

Course 3 – Level 2
1) Hunter Douglas Window Fashions - #1542
2) Vivax Pros - #1547
3) AllHealth Network - #1539
4) Hunter Douglas Window Fashions - #1541

Course 3 – Level 1
1) MKK Consulting Engineers - #1524 (Tie)
1) Oakwood Homes - #1526 (Tie)
1) Ideas Made Measurable - #1534 (Tie)
4) Swiftpage - #1519

About the Fit Company Institute, LLC:

The Fit Company Institute is based in Austin, Texas and is dedicated to help companies thrive through wellness. The Fit Company Challenge helps companies be their best by creating the most productive, focused, energetic, happiest, and cohesive teams possible.

Find more at and upcoming events in cities across the US.

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Fit Company Institute
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