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Real Estate Marketing

PHOENIX, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2018 / -- So, do yourself a favor and create (have people to create it for you, that is) your web resource, use it to showcase your service and search-optimize the heck out of it!

The professionals behind any SEO-promotion including a real estate web resource will tell you what you need to do right from the beginning:

- a thorough analysis of major competitors;
- create semantic core;
- internal optimization and usability improvement;
- keyword recommendations;

And of course, creation and placement of content. There are 116 types of web content, so we’ll cover the art and science of content creation in another article.

But it's crucial to understand that the final results of any SEO-promotion depend on the quality, literacy of placement and reliability of the information offered.

So, again, get help. Find talented and energetic content creators (not necessarily bent on real estate, in fact, you’d be better off if they aren't) and have them fill your website with their stuff.

However, make sure to double check all information and select exactly the information that can be important and interesting for a potential client including:

- catalogs/ads with convenient navigation and search system;
- certificates, awards that you and/or your company/agency possess;
- correctly filled out samples of documentation;
- information articles and advice for beginners;
- feedback and recommendations from existing customers;
- data on key specialists, their experience, qualifications, etc.;
- photos/video presentations of listings.

Excellent! All done, now you just sit back, relax and watch the traffic pouring in. But, how long will it take for that to happen? Here are the five questions you need to ask yourself and, if the answers are not what you’d expected, you might for now hit the pavement and sell the old-fashioned way. So,

How long has the website’s been online? If the answer is less than six months, it’s way too early for effect to take place.

How is the quality of content, are the blog posts appearing regularly, and how user-friendly is your UI (search, navigation, etc.)?
If you post whenever you feel like it and don’t bother with a content plan, the site looks dated, and the search invariably comes back with no results, go back on the street and sell to walk-ins.

Has the timeliness of implementation of all recommendations of search audit been upheld? Don’t understand what that means? I told you, hire a pro!

What’s the competition like in your region? If you’re up against a bunch of web-savvy kids, you’d better get a grip;
How many quality search queries have you gathered for your content creators? If you’re still in the dark about quality the value of content, again, this century may not be for you.

But if you’re looking for a quick fix (god knows, we don’t recommend it), some of the competitive advantages that will help effective SEO-promotion are:

- a large number and high-quality photographs of properties with the "online visit" option;
- a geolocation module allowing you to view the property in its immediate surroundings;
- auxiliary modules, for instance, "calculator" or "exchange rates" and others;
- the listings database with seamless navigation.

And that’s just to name a few. The bottom line is, the proper real estate promotion on your website is a journey, and anyone who’s ever taken two steps away from their house will tell you that for any journey preparation is key. So be prepared, be vigilant, and be diligent, and the success will come!

Avi iMeir Zaslavsky
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