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PermuTrade Supplying Cement To Haiti

PermuTrade LLC is a fully integrated marketing, sales and supply company of raw materials to the cement industry, steel industry and power generation industry.

WEST PALM BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ -- The island of Haiti is the third largest country by land in the Caribbean with approximately 27,750 square kilometers in size after Cuba and the Dominican Republic. Haiti is also the most mountainous country in the Caribbean with its name meaning ‘land of the mountains’ in the indigenous Taino language. With all the positive energy that this great nation has, it still continues to recover after two devastating natural disasters in the last seven years. Much of Haiti’s economic and physical infrastructure was destroyed by a 2010 earthquake, causing an estimated $8 billion in losses, according to the World Bank. Then in 2016, the country was hit by Hurricane Matthew, which caused an estimated $1.9 billion in damage and losses.

According to a fact sheet from the U.S. Department of State, “Much progress has been made in the seven years after the January 2010 earthquake that devastated much of the country. Haiti has transitioned from a post-disaster era to a period of reconstruction and long-term development.” Following those disasters, governments and aid organizations around the world have contributed resources in rebuilding and recovery. These resources are being utilized to build roads, bridges, education, agriculture and job creation to name a few initiatives.

PermuTrade LLC is a fully integrated marketing, sales and supply company of raw materials to the cement industry, steel industry and power generation industry. We also supply finished products such as cement to end users in the construction industry. In Haiti, we have joined efforts with a local organization to rebuild infrastructure. We are supplying USA origin portland cement to build roads and bridges in the communes of Lascahobas and Baradères, Haiti. Providing dependable roads and bridges will offer residents of Haiti better access to schools, places of employment, healthcare facilities, businesses and their homes. In addition, supplying our cement will help improve the local economy by creating much needed jobs.

PermuTrade LLC is headquartered in West Palm Beach USA with satellite offices in Ottawa Canada and Dubai UAE. We trade directly with end users and producers which provides them with greater control over their stock levels and prices of the raw materials they use. We cater to the spot market with the necessary experience to help our clients learn how to protect themselves from exposure to price movements and better deal with material surpluses or short falls.

PermuTrade LLC is proud to play a positive role in rebuilding Haiti, a great nation with boundless potential. It’s important for everyone involved in rebuilding this country to work together. Donations are being sent to Haiti from all around the world so it’s vital for the Haitian government to ensure the required financial facilities to manage these funds are in place. As well, clear goals should be set by everyone with full transparency as to how funds are being spent. Most importantly, contributions of the local population should be recognized as they are most affected by this initiative.

The following Palm Beach Post article provides more information about our company:
West Palm Beach’s A.J. Jama and PermuTrade See No Borders.

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PermuTrade Supplying Cement To Haiti

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