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The Last Dance, A Promise to Fulfill

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, August 28, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- July 22, 2011, around 3:30 PM, a bomb exploded the government buildings in Oslo. Around 5:30, families were horrified to learn of a greater tragedy going on: a gunman, dressed as a police officer, was shooting teen-aged and younger campers on Utoya, where Norway’s Labor Party traditionally held a youth retreat.

That same summer, Freia M. Titland was attending the International Summer School at Oslo University in Norway. Like many others, Freia was horrified by the events in Oslo and at Utoya. Having a background in Theatre, Freia was inspired to write a screenplay documenting these events. She explains that she was deeply touched by the way the strength and love with which the Norwegian people responded to these terrible events.

Freia M. Titland graduated with honors from PACE University. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Acting and a minor in Religious Studies. She has worked with various professional and equity establishments such as, Origin Theatre Company, Penguin Repertory Theatre and was Assistant to the Producer for the Origin’s ‘1st Irish Theatre Festival’ in 2013. According to her online biography, she has been the ‘Acting Specialist for the past three years at RCC's 'Kid's College' and the Music Instructor & Director at Perry School, NYC.’ Freia was rewarded by the Irish Echo for her accomplishments in the world of Irish Theatre. She recently was awarded by the publication as an ‘Irish Top 40 Under 40’ Honoree. Not content to rest on past accomplishments, she continues to train in workshops such as voice, dance and staged combat. She has also participated in philanthropies such as Wounded Warrior and Concern Worldwide.

Freia says that she made a promise to her grandfather to use her talents to do something good in the world. She believes that this strong and touching story should be told. Her screenplay, which she has titled “The Last Dance,” will focus on a single father and two daughters, telling the story through their reactions. Of course, the step from screenplay to actual film is a long one, and requires money to hire actors, camera people, and all the other things needed to make a documentary. She says, “Of course I would like to raise more than $20,000 on Kickstarter, but I’m being realistic.”

Freia is asking for a modest $8,000 to put together the cast and crew to develop her idea. Aside from building a team, Freia also plans on creating a Documentary about the incidents beforehand. Her goal is to create a beautiful documentary and then to push her campaign even further in order to produce a creative package that includes her feature film. The Rewards for this Kickstarter crowdfunding event focus around the product. The minimum pledge for the project is $1.00, but for $25.00 you can get a PDF of the screenplay and an HD download of “the Last Dance.” Other planned rewards include an interactive e-book, “The Making of the Last Dance,” a DVD of “The Last Dance,” a special edition movie poster, T-shirts, Tote bag, a special edition Art print of Norway. Contributors who invest $2.000 or more receive associate producer status, an invitation to the premier, and the complete swag package. A pledge of $2,500 or more (limit 6) includes a personal screening and catered dinner for 8 (New York Area only), as well as the complete package.

Freia believes that producing said Documentary and Film will be a step in the right direction toward honoring the promise she made to her grandfather. She also believes that the Utoya massacre is an important story that should be told – especially because of the touching and unusual public reaction to the disaster. Although this will be her first effort at producing a film, she has the training and experience needed to make a success of this project. She admits that things could go wrong. She will need a work visa for Norway and she is aware of the different issues that can arise with a film crew and acting cast. Things could cost more than expected. But she has faith that she can create a touching production that will reflect the Norwegian national character. She is combining her excellent training and experience with a superb story – a truly winning combination.

If you cannot contribute monetarily, then help out this crowdfunding campaign by Tweeting it, posting it on Facebook or sharing it through other social media. Tell your friends that there is a talented new producer who has a great story that needs to be told. When it premiers, you will be able to say, that you helped make something wonderful happen.

Freia M. Titland (www.freiatitland.com) is a talented young woman who would like to produce both documentary and film about the Utoya Massacre. She has graduated from PACE University with honors, and has continued to develop her knowledge and talents by working with various professional and equity establishments. She is the Acting Specialist at RCC’s Kids College. Producing this film would help her keep a promise to her grandfather.

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The Last Dance
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