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Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to Support Fire in Balance

BLACK ROCK CITY, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, August 4, 2014 / -- Patrick Shearn has started an Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to support the newest artistic creation from Poetic Kinetics. Poetic Kinetics has created giant sculptures for a variety of events. Their creations include a massive Electric Daisy for EDC, the roaming Coachella Astronaut for Coachella, and an earlier version of the current project, called Holding Flame. They even made a pair of giant puppets called the Warrior and the Girl for the Beijing Olympics, as well as a 60’ long mobile snail better known as Coachella Snail for Coachella. Each sculpture not only includes artistic elements, but requires engineering to make it work perfectly. For example, the Coachella Astronaut had articulated fingers that worked in a very realistic fashion.

The new project is called Fire in Balance. It is a pagoda-sized and styled artwork made of structural steel. Suspended in the ceiling of this piece is an inverted fire-box, which uses an amazing technology that forces the fire to draw oxygen from its base. This causes it to die down then flare up again, creating amazing patterns, like flame colored silk. Patrick Shearn compares the effect to the Aurora Borealis, or buttered amber.

The structure is an amazing thing, in and of itself. The steel has been cut in arcing patterns, with lace-like cut-outs in each strut. The curved lines have a futuristic feel, as if you have stepped into a science fiction story. Fire in Balance will appear at the 2014 Burning Man event, August 25 – September 1, in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Those desert nights get cold, so this incredible structure, which can hold around 70 people comfortably, will serve the very practical purpose of providing a resting place where they can warm up. But this is way beyond a simple gathering around the fire. Participants are surrounded with the beauty, warmth and visceral effect of inverted fire. They can also see how something strong and functional (a warm resting place in the desert night) can also be designed for beauty.

Volunteers proudly provide a lot of the labor for the project, but that doesn’t mean everything comes free. First of all, the design will require more than $25,000 in construction materials alone. Then there transportation to Burning Man event (Black Rock City, NV), and finally the equipment and propane to fuel the inverted fire . Shearn says that if people are out LA way, they are welcome to stop by and take part. But money is also a way of supporting this massive project, and Poetic Kinetics can definitely can use your help funding all the parts that can’t be covered with ingenuity even by the most brilliant and dedicated volunteers.

Everyone who contributes will get a reward. All of the rewards have the Fire in Balance logo. Even if the event is too far away for you to visit, you can still display your support of this artistic community and event.

•$10 -- a sticker you can proudly display to show that you are a patron of the arts.
•$30 – Fire in Balance dog-tag, just like the ones worn by local volunteer crew, and a sticker
•$40 – dog-tag, sticker and a t-shirt or tank top with the Fire in Balance logo
•$50, you get a distressed military cap stitched with the Fire in Balance logo, or along with the sticker, or you can get a high-quality baseball T or a nifty canvas duffel in which to carry all your goodies.
•$60, you get the sticker and a hoodie or a neat carabiner mug.
•$100, you get the sticker and your pick of any two Fire in Balance gifts from a specified list.
•$150, it’s the sticker and pick three gifts.
•$300, the fun really begins with a bottle of Fireball Whiskey and a flask. Fireball is the event’s signature drink.
•$600 -- receive one of everything.
•$2500, you can have your very own small-scale acrylic replica of Fire in Balance. This is an elegant piece of artwork, suitable to grace a collection, living room or business foyer.

Even if you cannot donate to this crowdfunding campaign, check out the videos of the construction. Take a look at the incredible art work created by a community of volunteers. Absorb the atmosphere of creativity, dedication and just plain, old-fashioned good fun. Like it, Tweet it or email the link to friends. The farther the word spreads, the greater the chances for support.

Poetic Kinetics, headed by Patrick Shearn, is a community of artists who create massive sculptures. Each sculpture moves, dances or has some practical application. Currently they are working on Fire in Balance (, a unique sculpture that holds an inverted fire-box. The structure will have space for about 70 people comfortably.

Patrick Shearn
Poetic Kinetics
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