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Payless Plumbing Blog Offers Free Plumbing Consultation to Home-owners

New plumbing blog helps small businesses and contractors win more plumbing jobs.

BUFFALO, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Start growing a business using new win, win estimating service! Large companies can afford high-end overhead costs. This plumbing estimating service affords small businesses and small contractors in reducing overhead costs by 100%, and also helping to increase profits.

New advancements in Payless Plumbing Blog and with "on-screen-computers" input of pipe and assemblies in the plumbing program, creates more winners helping small businesses and small contractors, win more plumbing jobs.

This newest plumbing program will produce an excellent needed estimate within hours saving you 100% in overhead costs. Start paying only 1/2 (half) the cost for any competitive plumbing estimate, and start saving profits.

Do a complete detailed plumbing take-off in less than a day or as soon as possible! Then send by e-mail addressed to sasahivi2u@yahoo.com the material take-off sheet(s) and get the new completed "detailed estimate costs" the same day, all within 24 hours!

Owners start saving with using this new win, win estimating service! Knowledge of plumbing estimates gives more options in saving costs, when facing plumbing problems and plumbing emergencies. Free Plumbing Consulting Services, are a must to help home-owners and workers in this tough economy.

Using this new plumbing service increases opportunities of acquiring savings and dependable services that fit the house budget. Additionally this web-blog includes listing of new plumbing books, and new books regarding President Barack Obama and Kenya, Authored by the Master-Plumber.

Guarantee: No copies of an estimate or takeoff sheet(s) will be furnished to anyone and all business transactions are confidential.

Press release courtesy of Online PR Media: http://bit.ly/1zzSSuY

Sherman Turner
Payless Plumbing Blog
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