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PrimeVapor Introduces Vapor Juice for Electronic Cigarettes

PrimeVapor shows its leadership in the electronic cigarette industry by offering their famous flavors in an e-liquid form.

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, WIS., USA, February 13, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- PrimeVapor Electronic Cigarettes will now offer their flavors as Vapor Juice. This latest form of an e-cigarette allows the user to fill a small tank with liquid Vapor Juice. Like all electronic cigarettes, this tank contains a heating element. When energized it produces a vapor that looks, feels and tastes like a combustible tobacco cigarette without the thousands of chemical by-products found in tobacco smoke.

The same flavors found in PrimeVapor's popular line of pre-filled Flavor Cartridges have been specially formulated as an e-liquid. Processed and bottled in the USA, this Vapor Juice has been designed to produce the most vapor and intense flavor ever. PrimeVapor's new bottling facility is ISO9002 certified and uses the Best Manufacturing Practices just like the pharmaceutical industry. They use only all natural, US origin vegetable glycerin as the vapor base in all their flavors. Finally, a stringent quality control procedure guarantees their customers the highest quality Vapor Juice.

"Our new facility is a state of the art laboratory that will not only provide our customers with the finest e-liquid, but will also benefit those who use our pre-filled cartridges," said Bill Fischer, president of PrimeVapor. "Our customers have asked for our flavors as e-liquid for some time now. Now we can give them what they want."

After testing hundreds of the accessories needed to enjoy this new form of electronic cigarette, PrimeVapor has also come up with a select offering of only the finest e-cigarette tanks, clearomizers and batteries. Customers can now get a complete package of everything they need to be a part of this revolutionary new smoking alternative.

See the entire line at http://www.primevapor.com/vj.

About Primevapor.com:

PrimeVapor is a manufacturer and distributor of quality electronic cigarette supplies and equipment. They have developed an e-cigarette system that offers a smoker who wants an alternative to traditional tobacco the ultimate smoking experience without the smoke, smell and tar. You can buy e-cigarettes right on the site.

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PrimeVapor can found on the Internet at http://www.primevapor.com

Press release courtesy of Online PR Media: http://bit.ly/1meb6yY

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